Warmists Link Climate Change (Hoax) And Contraception For Blacks

If a conservative dared write anything like this, we’d be branded racists. But, it’s OK when lefties discuss it

Africa: Time to Tackle ‘Last Taboo’ of Contraception and Climate -Experts

Finding a way to put the environmental impact of population and women’s reproductive health more prominently on the climate change agenda is increasingly urgent, experts said in Washington this week.

“This connection … needs to be in a place where we can talk thoughtfully about the fact that yes, more people on this planet -and we’ve just crossed 7 billion -does actually put pressure on the planet. And no, it is not just black women or brown women or Chinese women who create that problem,” she told a session on women’s health and climate adaptation strategies.

“In fact, the issues around consumption in the more developed part of the world are profoundly significant. And when you know that every American baby born consumes 40 times as much as every Indian baby born, clearly there is a need to be able to tie those issues together,” she added.

Tie them together, eh? In other words, the Warmists want to keep their own big lifestyles while they reduce/limit the number of Africans. Blacks. Brought to by lefties who also brought Jim Crow laws, the KKK, opposition to the civil rights laws, the Holocaust, and sterilization programs, among others.

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4 Responses to “Warmists Link Climate Change (Hoax) And Contraception For Blacks”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    And when you know that every American baby born consumes 40 times as much as every Indian baby born, clearly there is a need to be able to tie those issues together,” she added.

    So, its wrong that we love our children more? That we want them to have a higher survival rate? That we want them to grow up with running water and clean sanitation? TO be less susceptible to diseases and infections?

    OH.. wait.. or are they talking bout Native Americans?

  2. Jon Flatley says:

    How can a scientific issue such as climate change lead to so much politics?

  3. The problems, Jon, are that those who are pushing the issue:

    a. not only refuse to live their lives in accordance with their talking points, but are some of the worst “carbon” offenders

    b. always seem to push for Someone Else to pay the piper to save the Earth from minor warming

    c. always seem to want more and more money and control (of people, companies, and economies)

    d. refuse to release their raw data, which is typically gathered thanks to government grants, and the same people tend to do all they can to block freedom of information requests, even going so far, as we saw from the most recent Climategate emails, discussed putting it all under the banner of the United Nations, which has no FOI rules. What are they afraid of us seeing?

    e. tend to be activists, rather than letting the science do the talking

    f. rely on computer models which tend to not only fail as time marches on, but even fail when looking back in history

    g. have created a situation in which everything is the result of mankinds release of greenhouse gases, a non-disprovable situation, which does not follow the scientific method.

    I could go on and on and on, but, what it boils down to is that there is very little science, and what there is is spun, manipulated, and more like something at the carnival than science. And, really, just look at “a.” If they really believed, they might actually take actions within their own lives, eh? And all their “solutions” seem to revolve around higher taxation going straight to the government and measures that result in a loss of liberty. For others, of course.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    As Anthony and others over at WUWT have pointed out, we are in an era of non-normal science. Science is no longer framed as the search for answers to hypothesized questions. It is now a public relations game built to raise money and control people’s actions – very similar to Socialism.

    A news story out today highlights that this view of science is not only malignant within the realm of studies on climate.

    A Phd scientist was drummed out of the Dept of Interior. He was conducting some of the research in to what would happen if 4 dams were removed from the Klamath River system in N. California\S. Oregon. He was actually in favor of the removal, but his and other’s research found some serious concerns should the dams be removed.

    However, Sec Salazar and his lackey’s were hell-bent on removing those damns whatever the excuse (it would seem). He began contacting people when a press release and Summary were issued that failed to highlight certain “cons” associated with the EIS. He was told that it was not his place to contact the higher ups. He was told that he was not a team player. He was told that it was an “unwritten rule” to not contact higher ups.

    And, the real reason he was fired from a non-probationary full-time position… for emailing his concerns. His supervisor told him that he was not to do so because of FOIA. They wanted to keep the information out of FOIA’s grasp.

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