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If All You See…

…is a horrible, evil, electricity sucking iPhone, you might just be a Warmist

Occupiers Head For Their “Valley Forge” Moment

Now they are comparing themselves to George Washington and the Continental Army. Does that make Barack Obama the hated King George? (CBS) Anti-Wall Street protesters around the U.S. who are vowing to stand their ground against the police and politicians are also digging in against a different kind of adversary: cold weather. With the temperature […]

Man With No Business Experience Acts Alone To Boost Business

Alternate title: President Runs Against Democrat Senate On Job Creation. Alternate Alternate Title: Obama Owns The Economy (The Politico) President Barack Obama rounded out the first week of his new “we can’t wait” campaign against Congress with the launch Friday of two initiatives aimed at boosting businesses. Well, that’s certainly the best way to run […]

NYC To Receive Earliest Snow Since Civil War

Probably because of alarmists taking unnecessary fossil fueled flights to man-induced global warming conferences (Iceagenow) New York (City) has received measurable snow before Halloween only three times since 1869 –and never more than one inch, which is what some experts are predicting. It would be the earliest one-inch snowfall in the city since the Civil […]

NYPD Sergeants Warn #OWS: “We’ll Sue If Any Are Injured”

Taking a stand (NY Daily News) There are some parts of Zuccotti Park that even the protesters won’t go at night. Police sources said Thursday that several fights have been reported in the park and officers have been warned of “dangerous instruments being concealed within cardboard tubing” when approaching the demonstrators. “There is a lot of […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible, energy sucking iPhone, you might just be a Warmist

Stop The Man Swarm, Save Nature!

Yeah, the mankind haters at Grist are at it again More of our kind means fewer wild things. A stabilized human population means hope for wild things. A shrinking human population means a better world for wild things — and for men and women and children. It’s that straightforward. You first, chump.

Chump Who Said He Won’t Take Money From Lobbyists Takes Money From Lobbyists

Obviously, we cannot rely on this information, since it comes from Fox News Despite a pledge not to take money from lobbyists, President Obama has relied on prominent supporters who are active in the lobbying industry to raise millions of dollars for his re-election bid. At least 15 of Mr. Obama’s “bundlers” — supporters who […]

Occupiers Will March On Banks Friday, Create Lots Of Trash

The big question is, will the drummers be there, after being hosed by the cheapskates who control the movement’s money? (Politico) Occupy Wall Street protesters will march to five banks in Manhattan on Friday and deliver thousands of letters to the companies — in the form of a “mass paper airplane throwing.” According to the […]

Warmist Wonders About Life In Boulder Off The Grid

Well, I guess everyone should have a fantasy. Mine tend to revolve around money, never having to work and hot babes traveling around the world. Others dream of stopping climate change by making other people change their behavior. Anyhow What would Boulder look like if voters opt to municipalize energy and worked to take the […]

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