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X-Men Origins: First Class – The Review

Very simply put, this was a fun, fun movie, which did a great job in setting up the beginning of the X-Men, who Charles Xavier was, how Eric Lansherr becomes Magneto, what’s the deal with their friendship (and antagonism), as well as including some of the original characters, such as Mystique and Hank McCoy/Beast. Now, […]

Uh, Oh, Climate Alarmists: You Have To Get Rid Of Your Cats

Perhaps we shouldn’t even mention this. The Warmists might just do something radical and violent. Story via No Trick Zone, from the German news site Bild Catfood, cat litter, waste… every cat leads to 2.2 tons of CO2 emissions annually. No other house pet leaves such a terrible ecological paw-print. Just the manufacture of cat […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful scooter that reduces ones’ carbon footprint and should be mandatory replacements for cars in cities, you might just be a Warmist

LA Times Doesn’t Believe Weiner, Who’s Surely Happy Edwards Was Indicted

They aren’t buying what Weiner’s selling (LA Times) We really, really don’t want to be writing about Weinergate. Seriously. The travails of Rep. Anthony Weiner seem so much like a piece of here-today, gone-tomorrow political theater, a manufactured controversy just titillating enough to keep the Twittersphere thrumming, that we’d rather not add to the national […]

Palin Bus Tour Upsets GOP Elites

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: for someone who is supposed to be a lightweight, stupid, and has no chance of being president, Palin sure scares the panty shields off of the liberal media and the GOP intelligentsia, and The Politico is there to make sure they tell us once again that […]

Sigourney Weaver Tells Us The Secret To Stopping Globull Warming: Abortion On Demand

Isn’t it funny how the methods to deal with anthropogenic global warming always seem to revolve around Someone Else Doing Something? Ms. Weaver, a wonderful actress, is over at the Huffington Post giving us A Secret Weapon for Fighting Climate Change: Empowering Women Over the past month, I have been speaking to women in Canada […]

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