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Pelosi Calls For Ethics Investigation Of Weiner….Wait, What?

Unfortunately, I missed Anthony Weiner’s press conference, with opening act Andrew Breitbart stealing the show (I once attended a concert which was Dave Edmunds, Marshall Crenshaw, and Special Guest. Said guest was Stevie Ray Vaughn, who stole the entire show), but, for a dinner hour cocktail, Nancy Pelosi asks for (headline: Weiner Wilts at Press […]

Gulp: Are We Underestimating Climate Change (Hoax)?

Personally, I’d say “no,” especially since pretty much none of the climate alarmists predictions have come to pass…oh, wait, sorry, they always throw out the numbers 50 and 100 years for predictions. My bad! As climate warming causes the oceans to rise, subsequent flooding and storm surges are sure to impact people in coastal areas […]

If All You See…

…is an evil Hummer, destroying Gaia with greenhouse gases, you might just be a Warmist

Why, No, The GOP Hasn’t Given Up On “Repeal And Replace”

It’s just been very hard to do, considering that the GOP doesn’t control the Senate nor the White House. The Republican Party is going to have to get control of those two in 2012 in order to affect a full repeal and replace More than four months after their triumphant vote to scrap the Democrats’ […]

Don’t Like High Gas Prices? Democrat Report Says “Drive Less”

This one’s a few days old, hadn’t popped in to Grist for awhile, but, it’s a hoot, and exactly what one would expect from Delusional Democrats. Said Grist story, which boils it all down, comes via DC Streets Blog, which opens thusly Members of Congress of all stripes are trying to show that they’re concerned […]

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