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Yet Another Case Of An HOA Banning The American Flag

This one comes from Macedonia, Ohio, via WEWS A U.S. Army veteran is fighting a battle over his right to display an American flag at his home in Summit County. Fred Quigley, 77, said his homeowners association has asked him to remove a flagpole from his front yard. He lives in the Villas at Taramina […]

If All You See…

…is an evil hot dog, the production of which releases massive amounts of a harmless trace gas necessary for life, you might just be a Warmist

How Does A Blonde Solve Globull Warming?

Sadly, her idea isn’t much worse than what most of the Warmists push. (via The Chive)

Uh Oh: Tiny Traces Of Gas Necessary For Life Will Kill The Oceans

So says Climate Alarmist Louise Gray: World’s oceans move into ‘extinction phase’ A preliminary report from an international panel of marine experts said that the condition of the world’s seas was worsening more quickly than had been predicted. The scientists, gathered for a workshop at Oxford University, warned that entire ecosystems, such as coral reefs, […]

When It Comes To Illegal Immigration, The South Is Raaaaacist and Intolerant

This bit of liberal idiocy comes from the Christian Science Monitor, with the story republished gleefully at MSNBC, and takes a stab at saying that Blue (Democrat) states are nice to illegals and Red (Republican) are big meanies: Red-blue divide widens on illegal immigrants America’s red and blue states are increasingly going in exactly opposite […]

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