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Alga Back From The Dead Due To Globull Warming. EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!

Probably because of commentors Black Flag and Trish, for daring to live a 21st century lifestyle A single-celled alga that went extinct in the North Atlantic Ocean about 800,000 years ago has returned after drifting from the Pacific through the Arctic thanks to melting polar ice. And while its appearance marks the first trans-Arctic migration […]

NC Budget To Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

This has obviously made the abortion on demand supporters upset Following the lead of states like Indiana and Kansas, the Republican-led North Carolina legislature inserted a provision in the state budget targeting funding to Planned Parenthood. The provider of family planning services will no longer be able to do business with the state or compete […]

If All You See…

…is precious water being wasted, you might just be a Warmist

Democrats Pushing DREAM Act Again

The sob stories will, again, be epic. Of course, this is also a “jobs” bill The last time the Obama administration made a hard push to legalize some of the children of illegal immigrants, officials focused on some of the inspirational and sympathetic stories of honor students who could gain legal status through the DREAM […]

Today’s Bachmann Hit Job: Her Legislative Resume Is Thin

Another day, another article taking shots at Michelle Bachmann. These stories are not meant to influence liberals: we already know where they stand, and they would vote for Stalin if he was running on the DNC ticket. No, they are meant to influence middle of the road voters and squishy Republicans. Notice that there are […]

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