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Free Checking May Be A Thing Of The Past, Thanks To Democrat Legislation

The Law Of Unintended Liberal Consequences strikes yet again Free checking accounts may be one step closer to extinction. Regulatory changes to be issued July 21 are expected to sharply limit the fees that banks can collect from merchants whenever customers pay with debit cards. An attempt to delay implementing the rule by a year […]

Science: Himalayan Glaciers Stable Since 1992

What happens when actual real world science replaces conjecture, computer models, and overwrought hysteria? “Working in the Nanga Parbat region of northern Pakistan…used a multi-temporal/multi-scale approach based on historical data, repeat photography and satellite imagery to develop a 70-year history of the behavior of that region’s Raikot Glacier…two German scientists report that visual comparison of […]

If All You See…

…is an evil plastic water bottle, you may just be a Warmist

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Happy Sunday! Another gorgeous day in America, and we have a special pinup for today, done by the wonderful Gerald Von Lind, also known as Baron Von Lind. Make sure you visit his website and sign the guestbook. He’s provided many a pinup which I have used, often with absolutely no need to add anything […]

Good News! NY Times Exposes Yet Another Secret Program

The NY Times has apparently given up on its research into Sarah Palin’s tanning bed interest, after realizing that, damnitall, she was a hard working governor who did an excellent job, and turns their attention to screwing dissidents around the world The Obama administration is leading a global effort to deploy “shadow” Internet and mobile […]

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