Alga Back From The Dead Due To Globull Warming. EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!

Probably because of commentors Black Flag and Trish, for daring to live a 21st century lifestyle

A single-celled alga that went extinct in the North Atlantic Ocean about 800,000 years ago has returned after drifting from the Pacific through the Arctic thanks to melting polar ice. And while its appearance marks the first trans-Arctic migration in modern times, scientists say it signals something potentially bigger.

“It is an indicator of rapid change and what might come if the Arctic continues to melt,” said Chris Reid, a professor of oceanography at the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science in the United Kingdom.

I’m missing the downside to this. They call it a plankton in the headline. Plankton is one of the primary photo-synthesizers, turning CO2 into Oxygen. Sea life also loves eating plankton. So, this seems to be a good thing.

Arctic sea ice has been in decline for roughly three decades, and in several more recent summers, a passage has opened up between the Pacific and Atlantic. In as little as 30 years, Arctic summers are projected to become nearly ice free.

Oh, really? Really? Really??? (Steven Goddard has plenty more in the archives)

In 2010, a gray whale appeared in the Mediterranean Sea. This species was thought to be confined to the Pacific Ocean, disappearing from the North Atlantic in the 1700s. This whale’s voyage was most likely made possible by shrinking Arctic sea ice, concluded researchers writing in the journal Marine Biodiversity Research.

Again, this is a bad thing, why?

Declining Arctic sea ice reached a milestone in the summer of 1998 when the ice pulled back completely from the Arctic coasts of Alaska and Canada, opening up the Northwest passage through which the diatom may have passed, Reid and colleagues write in their report of the diatom’s return published in the journal Global Change Biology in 2007.

1998…..hmm, isn’t that when we had that massive El Nino?

Like most introduced or returning species, (the alga) will likely settle into a niche, he said.

However, its arrival is likely a precursor to others, such as fish from the Pacific, with potentially greater impacts on life in the North Atlantic, he said.

Amazing how the Warmists suddenly forget all about belief in Darwinism and evolution. Apparently, they believe the Earth is a static ecosystem which should never change.

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8 Responses to “Alga Back From The Dead Due To Globull Warming. EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!”

  1. david7134 says:

    What is really depressing is that these nuts will likely get some bone from the govenment. Or they will get a major bill that will destroy us. In 10 years, the climate is going to change due to a significant decrease in solar activity, this has much better roots than the warmest nuts. The result will be a mini-ice age and the nuts will be able to claim credit and get further concessions from our great govenment.

  2. captainfish says:

    Hey Teach? What is ALGEA??!? Are you referring to the single continent theory?

    In fact, what is ALGA!?!? Are they referring to the city in Kazakhstan?

    Hmmm.. I wonder how those species got to the Pacific in the first place? Wonder how species that originated in Europe made it to the Americas?

    And, damn if they didn’t find the secret key that we have been trying to hide. … glacial melting has only been occurring for the last 30 years.

  3. captainfish says:

    hehehehehehe.. I feel all better now. Now my life can go back to releasing Paleozoic Alga in order to take over the world.

  4. Trish says:

    Send ME a whale! I want a whale in the Delaware Bay, so I can finally see one outside of captivity! Perhaps if the plankton/alga/algae is what some species feed on, I may get my wish! And then, WHALE WARS can be filmed right off the Atlantic Coast! Think of the possibilities.
    As captain says, f these morons don’t understand evolution, why should we listen to them about global warming and shrinkage in the Artic…all of that seems natural. (pun intended)

  5. Yeah, I forgot to fix the headline when I posted from my iPhone.

    Exactly, Trish. Seeing animals like whales in the wild is a good thing, but, I guess in Warmist World, this is bad.

  6. captainfish says:

    ooooof… Trish, don’t talk about shrinkage. Bad topic in public.

  7. captainfish says:

    You know, I was thinking about this more and the article over at WUWT ( ) confirmed what I was thinking.

    First, I can’t wait to have more paleo-pollen escape from their ice graves to cause me more allergy troubles. Not to mention begin pollinating or.. gulp.. cross pollinating.

    What about those seeds that were locked up in the ice until man melts it away?

    How many movies have we seen when the man-killing woman-kidnapping monster escapes from a deep freeze? Wasn’t the last time this happened the alien pollinating plant creature nearly destroyed an Arctic Ice Station during WW2?

    How about that time that the changling wolf caused another ice station to burn to the ground? We still don’t know what happened there. The last remaining survivor went missing.

    And don’t forget that dinosaur that escaped and terrorized those mammoths… oh wait. that was a cartoon. Ok. but the others were on TV so it was real.

    I am starting to re-think this glacial melt hypothesis.

  8. mojo says:

    “C’est la vie say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell.”

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