Uh Oh: Tiny Traces Of Gas Necessary For Life Will Kill The Oceans

So says Climate Alarmist Louise Gray: World’s oceans move into ‘extinction phase’

A preliminary report from an international panel of marine experts said that the condition of the world’s seas was worsening more quickly than had been predicted.

The scientists, gathered for a workshop at Oxford University, warned that entire ecosystems, such as coral reefs, could be lost in a generation.

So, the corals, which have been around for billions of years, and have survived ice ages, and, most notably, much, much warmer periods which saw much higher levels of CO2, could be killed off within 20 years? Yes, they are all nuts. But, they have to put out more and more dire predictions (notice that this is a “preliminary report”, which is unavailable for viewing. Said information comes from a press release) in order to attempt to keep people bought into their insane cult, and keep getting money and power.

The experts blamed the increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for pushing up ocean temperatures, boosting algae so there is less oxygen and increasing acidity of the water.

The conditions are similar to every previous mass extinction event in the Earth’s history.

Really? How about the extinction caused by a massive meteor strike? Or the the Ordovician–Silurian extinction event, which is blamed on the breakup of Gondwana, which led to cooling, glaciation, and sea level falls? The Late Devonian extinction

Leading theories include changes in sea level and ocean anoxia, possibly triggered by global cooling or oceanic volcanism. The impact of a comet or another extraterrestrial body has also been suggested. Some statistical analysis suggests that the decrease in diversity was caused more by a decrease in speciation than by an increase in extinctions

For most of the other great and minor extinction events, there is no correlation to ……. CO2! And even if there was, well, where dinosaurs driving fossil fueled cars back then?

Let’s move on to the big pull for this story over at Memeorandum, which is from The BBC, where Warmist Richard Black tends to focus more on reality to start with, which is that real pollution and over-fishing are causing issues, but finally we get to

Carbon dioxide levels are now so high, it says, that ways of pulling the gas out of the atmosphere need to be researched urgently – but not using techniques, such as iron fertilisation, that lead to more CO2 entering the oceans.

“We have to bring down CO2 emissions to zero within about 20 years,” Professor Hoegh-Guldberg told BBC News.

“If we don’t do that, we’re going to see steady acidification of the seas, heat events that are wiping out things like kelp forests and coral reefs, and we’ll see a very different ocean.”

Zero. Hey, I wonder how much CO2 was created doing the research for the report, publishing it, and talking to the BBC in their massive electricity sucking newsroom? Anyhow, let’s get all sciencey

Anthony Watts points out that the report was put out by a group with, shockingly, an agenda! And we won’t actually get the report till 2012.

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7 Responses to “Uh Oh: Tiny Traces Of Gas Necessary For Life Will Kill The Oceans”

  1. david7134 says:

    I believe it was Scientific American that showed the research on CO2 in the ocean. They had a map of the dispersion of CO2 in various areas. Now if the atmosphere was providing CO2, then you would expect difuse elevation of the CO2, but instead, it was concentrated in various areas. Now the author and editor did not see a problem with this analysis. They are so hell bent on the is iisue of atmospheric CO2 that they can’t see other problems.

  2. Wisco says:

    Silly liberal scientists — CO2 is necessary for life and, therefore, completely incapable of causing any harm! Like water!

    Too much water can’t kill you. That’s just silly and contrary to levelheaded conservative common sense. Those people on the Titanic just pretended to drown because they’re communists!

  3. captainfish says:

    You lost me at an international panel of marine experts.

    From that point on, I know everything will be a LIE!!

    First of all, everything migrates. If the kelp “forests” don’t like one area, they will migrate to a more preferable area as the temperatures change. Oh, and remember those alarms a few years ago about the dying coral reefs that were being “bleached” by ocean temps and acidification?!!?!? Yeah, that was one year. Just a couple of years after that, the reef is blooming with life again.

    RE: the CO2 graph:
    Wait. What?! CO2 was up to 7000ppm before? Even 3000ppm? Even 1000ppm and life as we know it is still around.

    Somehow, I think we will be around if we should happen to hit 400ppm as well.

    Wait just one moment there Teach!!! What is that blip about 450 million years ago?!!?!? How in the world did the temps drop so drastically while CO2 was above 4000ppm and climbing?!? Temps fell while CO2 was high and still rising?!

    Things that make smart people go hmmmm.

    Guess they must have been using those dinosaur powered air conditioners then….

  4. I believe that would jibe with the Ordovician–Silurian extinction event, which was supposed to be caused by lowering of the seas and mass glaciers and cold. Yet, CO2 was 4500ppm? Damn that science!!!!!1!!!!!

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