X-Men Origins: First Class – The Review

Very simply put, this was a fun, fun movie, which did a great job in setting up the beginning of the X-Men, who Charles Xavier was, how Eric Lansherr becomes Magneto, what’s the deal with their friendship (and antagonism), as well as including some of the original characters, such as Mystique and Hank McCoy/Beast. Now, perhaps some diehard fans may have some issues with how they started, especially Mystique (though, there are tons of points to her beginnings), but, unlike a lot of prequels, this one truly ties things together in a way that makes sense, which is rather difficult, considering how many comics and cartoon episodes their have been. You won’t be disappointed.

X-Men Origins: First Class

The focus on the development of Charles, Magneto, Beast, and Mystique were wonderful. The attention to detail in a time set in the early 60’s was excellent, though some women may have an issue with the treatment of women as sex objects, like in Mad Men. A Hugh Jackman cameo was hilarious. The storyline was well done. Kevin Bacon as the Bad Guy was a nice point. He wasn’t overboard, just a guy trying to literally change the whole world with a nuclear war.

Some of the secondary characters, such as Emma Frost, were a little underdone, mostly as extras (and for cleavage). Can’t have everything. Though, we did get to meet Alex Summers, ie, Havoc, the father of Scott Summers, known as Cyclops.

Overall, where else is the X-Men franchise going to go? The Final Stand killed off Professor X, Jean Gray, Cyclops, turned Mystique into a non-mutant, saw Rogue, one of the other most interesting characters take The Cure (and, she was so young to start with, that they were never able to develop the character.) Kitty Pride? Works well in the comics, maybe not so well on the big screen. Same with Gambit. They’ve done Wolverine’s origins, who else is there? What else is there? They can probably get another movie prequel, maybe two, out of it. Storm? I can’t see a full movie. Nor Jean Grey. So, this is mostly it.

Giving it an A. Well worth the monetary expenditure for a nighttime showing.

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15 Responses to “X-Men Origins: First Class – The Review”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    The Final Stand killed off Professor X……

    I beg to differ Obi-Wan X-Man.

    They killed off his body. The last scene, after the credits, is of Xavier in the body of Dr. Moira MacTaggart’s patient – the one who has no “consciousness” – and of whom Xavier posed the ethical dilemma question earlier in the movie.

    Given that we saw Magneto’s powers returning right before the credits, the series is set up to maintain the battle between Xavier and Magneto. The Xavier character doesn’t even need to be played by Patrick Stewart as he is in someone elses body.

    The Iceman / Pyro conflict is still working. You can even make a story line out of Rogue and Iceman ala Peter Parker and Mary Jane. (Can a superhero live with a “normal” person?) What about Emma Frost from “Wolverine?” She is viable as a character as well.

    There might be enough for one more. 🙂

    Thanks for the review though. I am not a big fan of newer movies, but I have to say that the X-Men series is enjoyable and for the most part, intelligently done. (And I never read the comic books.)

    I wasn’t sure about going to see it but with your review, I am.


  2. I’d forgotten about those two at the end of The Last Stand. I haven’t seen it in quite some time, don’t really like it that much.

    Perhaps they could say that Rogue never took The Cure, and build off that, going through the fights with Ms. Marvel and such, though, they made her out to be a good girl.

    I don’t think enough people know about Emma Frost to do a whole movie, but, you never know.

    Definitely check it out. Was riveted throughout, and the 30 or so at the 1:06pm showing looked to be having a good time. Good vibes in the theater.

  3. captainfish says:

    wow. 1:06pm? Must be nice to be on welfare and slum it at the movies during the workday.

    How’s that free tank of gas from Obama workin for ya?


  4. gitarcarver says:

    I don’t think enough people know about Emma Frost to do a whole movie, but, you never know.

    The reason I mentioned her is that in the Wolverine movie, she and Scott Summers / Cyclops allow the kids to get out of the warehouse. In a pivotal moment she is there. Plus she is Wolverine’s love interest’s sister.

    I am just talking out loud and to be honest with you, feeling kind of geeky about it.

    Definitely check it out.

    Will do!

    I have to take a friend to an all day physical evaluation, so this would give me something to do other than knocking another book off the ol’ Kindle.

    Once again, thanks for the review. It is nice once in awhile to get away from the heavy political talk.

  5. I was kinda stunned at going to the 1pm showing with my squeeze. Was expecting to sit in the sun for awhile, then go to the 325 showing. Oh, well.

    Kindle, ah, Kindle. I have almost completely given up on paper books. Got Mom one for Christmas, and she is almost completely over paper, too. I love finding books that you’ll never find in the library or bookstore. Good ones.

    Just order a Droid tablet yesterday, the eLocity A7. Alas, won’t be here for at least a week and a half. Won’t replace Kindle, though.

  6. captainfish says:

    political talk? GC, you do know that the X-Men are a semblance of the Constitutional Convention with regard to voter’s rights and slavery, don’t ya?!

    heh. ok, ok.. sarc off.

  7. Black Flag says:

    Isn’t there still room for an entire Sentinels movie?

  8. gitrarcarver says:

    voter’s rights and slavery, don’t ya?!

    I know you were being sarcastic, but the X-Men series is supposedly a metaphor for the Civil Rights movement. 🙂

  9. captainfish says:


  10. Interestingly, Captain, I’ve read several reviews which compare tue movie to the civil rights era and to GLBT issues.

    That could be a toughy, Black Flag, considering the way they addressed the Sentinals in The Last Stand, but, could work. Good idea

  11. captainfish says:

    OMG.. I was kidding!!!!
    Oh Lordy, get me outa here.

    People need to lighten up. Seriously? Reviewing the Xmen movies as if they were allegories to civil rights movement????

    Get a life people. Just enjoy the stuff blowin up.

    (See. My smart-mouth gets me in to trouble all the time )

  12. I kid you not. IMBD’s main review goes to afterelliot.com, which is dividers on the similar struggles of the GLBT crowd to mutants.

  13. gitarcarver says:

    Fox Movie Channel has been pushing the film pretty hard and has been broadcasting an interview with the director.

    HE says it is about civil rights for all as well.

    I mean, can’t a movie just be an escape? Can’t we just enjoy a story, action, explosions and Halle Berry or Famke Janssen in skin tight clothes?

  14. […] X-Men Origins: First Class – The Review […]

  15. There was plenty of skin on display in the movie, from Emma Frost’s bosoms to naked Mystique to ladies wearing nothing but lingerie.

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