One Last “Globull Warming Causes Snow” Gasp

Well, at least one last gasp for this winter. Unless it ends up being a cold sprint. We had some snow here in the Triangle area today, one of the latest snows on record. Yet Global warming? Recent winter storms consistent with warming planet, scientist says

Global warming could make record-setting snowstorms in some parts of the country more common, but not in the Sierra Nevada, according to scientists with the Union for Concerned Scientists.

“Heavy snowstorms are not inconsistent with a warming planet,” said Jeff Masters, director of meteorology for, in a statement from the Union. “In fact, as the Earth gets warmer, and more moisture gets absorbed into the atmosphere, we are steadily loading the dice in favor of more extreme storms in all seasons, capable of causing greater impacts on society.”

He pointed to record and near-record storms in the Northeast and Midwest during the past two years as examples of what should be expected if Earth’s climate continues to warm.

Nothing else to say by “DERP?” Oh, and “just give it up, this is fucking absurd. Does global f’ing warming cause glacial periods, too?”

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5 Responses to “One Last “Globull Warming Causes Snow” Gasp”

  1. Trish says:

    Climate cause snow. Regular old fashioned seasonal climate. And sometimes, when conditions are just right, it happens later in the season, or earlier or not at all, in a year’s time. Sometimes, it happens in areas that are not used to it, sometimes there are warmer temps in normally frigid areas.
    From time and memorial, we’ve heard relatives in Detroit, Syracuse, Miami and California, complain of lack of snow, too much snow or abundance of rain, or some other kind of non-typical weather.
    You cannot take that which is ever changing and conform it to your global warming scheme- when your original story fails. Not gonna happen.
    Face it temps have never been predictable. Ask any weatherman.

  2. Doomed says:

    How it \works.

    1. The earth heats up from a long, frigid and very barren glacial period.

    2. As the planet warms….it produces humidity which in turn fills the globe with moisture.

    3. AS the planet heats up…usually the result of co2 exposure…the PPM of co2 rises…causing the globe to retain heat.

    4. This heat causes more warming…which then leads to beaches and umbrellas and marguritas.

    5. As the earth warms too much….the oceans begin the long process of absorbing co2….eventually the ocean pushes the co2 deeper and deeper and with it the warm currents.

    6. These warm currents stop….or move way farther south…causing the onset of another glacial period.

    7. This glacial period is earths way of scrubbing itself of excess CO2.

    In short folks…we are headed for global COOLING…even though we might be experiencing global warming right now.

    What is about to transpire in this world in the next 10-50 years is a life altering, population ending barrage of cold weather.

    A population of 6 billion will be trimmed to 2.5 billion in 10 years…due to starvation and freezing temperatures.

    and during it all ….the greenies will be blaming us for burning gas to stay warm to keep from freezing to death.

  3. Trish says:

    Well, that makes sense, now doesn’t it? And I think we’ve determined that sort of change has occurred in the Earth’s past.
    I can see it happening, and thanks to environazis, I can see us burning our good old US dollar currency to stay warm.

  4. Doomed says:

    What I left out of the above is that when the planet heats up it produces CO2. The reason it does this is because GLACIERS RECEED and in their place we have millions and millions of acres of foilage which grows and DIES….releaseing CO2 into the air.

  5. Trish says:

    Now now, doomed, you are talking crazy here. CO2 only comes from money grubbing humans, driving cars, heating their homes, planting crops for food, raising animals for food and other dastardly reasons, and for living in the 21st century. MFers…we have no right to be here.
    And I bet, when she’s ready, Mother Earth will quite effectively kick us to the curb!

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