Obama Doctrine: Libya Means Nothing To US, But, It’s Fun Blowing Things Up

Well, maybe that headline isn’t quite fair. The New Republic’s Tom Malinowski wonders why Obama is getting no credit for stopping an atrocity. OK, fine. I’ll give him credit for stopping the possibility of one atrocity, and I still maintain that intervening in Libya is the right thing, though, there needs to be a clear and present directive to depose Gdaffy one way or another. No leaving him in place like Saddam. Oh, hey, BTW, why wasn’t Bush given credit for stopping the possibility of an atrocity by Saddam Hussein? Sorry, I forgot, Bush was a Republican, and looked like a chimp or something.

Anyhow, Roger Simon has a little man-crush for Obama’s speech

It was “Mission Accomplished” but without the banner.

In a strong, almost pugnacious, speech Monday night, President Barack Obama said he had achieved his initial goals in Libya. “So for those who doubted our capacity to carry out this operation, I want to be clear: the United States of America has done what we said we would do,” he said.

No one doubted the capacity to carry out Operation Porn Star Odyssey Dawn, we just really didn’t know what the objectives were, just some vague humanitarian notions. Of course, this speech apparently meant little to Obama, despite sending Americans to war, since he gave it at 730pm, outside prime time, and not even at the White House.

Why, yes, The Politico did go for the halo effect.

Obama admitted that he militarily intervened in Libya even though America was not at any risk. “There will be times…when our safety is not directly threatened, but our interests and values are,” he said.

So, there you have it, Libya has no interest to the United States. He outsourced our military to the EU for no value to the US. Though, it does have some real world value, since what was happening in Libya was affecting EU oil prices, and world oil prices. Oops. A “neocon” war for oil.

And that is why we are fighting in Libya. Our interest is to have a stable world and our values are to promote democracy and to prevent a “massacre” in Libya and “violence on a horrific scale.”

What about Iran, Syria, Darfur, and Yemen, among others, Mr. President? How about Iraq, which you gave speeches against? One could say the exact same things about Iraq. Why is this different?

Anyhow, I listened to the speech after work, and thought it was much better than usual, though, devoid of anything new, and, kinda forgot to say what the end game is. This has got those big meaning ODS Republicans up in arms, saying too little too late

While President Obama on Monday defended the military assault on Libya, he was blasted by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who says Obama is no different than his predecessor when it comes to dealing with foreign affairs.

According to Kucinich, “The economy is falling apart.  Our cities are starved.  People are without health care.  All we’re getting is war.”

Kucinich says the situation in Libya is no different than the situation in Iraq, saying “We have to be very concerned we are getting dragged into another Iraq.”  The Democratic congressman from Cleveland’s west side says funding for the action in Libya should be cut off immediately.

Well, you have to hand it to Dennis, he’s consistent. And his wife is hot. But, he’s also consistent.

Finally, I forgot who wrote this, but, essentially Obama was just checking the box next to “wartime speech”, because he’s off to NYC for two DNC fundraising events on Tuesday, along with some other events, including some friendly banter with three TV anchors.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

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One Response to “Obama Doctrine: Libya Means Nothing To US, But, It’s Fun Blowing Things Up”

  1. Doomed says:

    I just fail to comprehend why we are going into Libya…knowing that in the end Al-Queida will end up running the country or the people who run the country will HATE>>>LOATHE>>>>AND DESPISE US….yet we spend our money and blood for their sorry hides.

    The USA was HOODWINKED into helping….As Donald Trump asks….WHY ISNT the ARABS paying for this? Why isnt China helping out…they get nearly ALL their oil from Libya?

    No…the usa will do it…pay for it….then get ff’d in the end.

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