Snap! Now Disease Is A Climate Change National Security Threat

They really just can’t help themselves

One of the most worrisome national security threats of climate change is the spread of disease, among both people and animals, U.S. intelligence and health officials say.

But more than a decade after such concerns were first raised by U.S. intelligence agencies, significant gaps remain in the health surveillance and response network – not just in developing nations, but in the United States as well, according to those officials and a review of federal documents and reports.

And those gaps, they say, undermine the ability of the U.S. and world health officials to respond to disease outbreaks before they become national security threats.

Because disease never happened prior to 1980, the year the Alarmists say real man-induced warming started.

The cooler climate during the LIA had a huge impact on the health of Europeans. As mentioned earlier, dearth and famine killed millions and poor nutrition decreased the stature of the Vikings in Greenland and Iceland.

Cool, wet summers led to outbreaks of an illness called St. Anthony’s Fire. Whole villages would suffer convulsions, hallucinations, gangrenous rotting of the extremities, and even death. Grain, if stored in cool, damp conditions, may develop a fungus known as ergot blight and also may ferment just enough to produce a drug similar to LSD. (In fact, some historians claim that the Salem, Massachusetts witch hysteria was the result of ergot blight.)

Malnutrition led to a weakened immunity to a variety of illnesses. In England, malnutrition aggravated an influenza epidemic of 1557-8 in which whole families died. In fact, during most of the 1550’s deaths outnumbered births (Lamb, 1995.) The Black Death (Bubonic Plague) was hastened by malnutrition all over Europe.

Oh, wait, sorry, that last excerpt was from a short paper on the Little Ice Age, written by a denier climate alarmist, who makes sure to mention that he is an alarmist right at the beginning, despite having the proof that the climate changes right in front of him.

The fact is, disease can happen during any particular climate. Some are more prevalent when cool, like the flu. Cold weather can also cause problems with cardiovascular health, frostbite, hypothermia, and “can also trigger previously undiagnosed deadly diseases and sometimes serious medical problems.” Warmer weather has it’s own problems. This is what is called “nature.”

And then we get into the threat of starvation because crops will not grow. Ever wonder why the potato became so popular and such a food staple? Thank the King of France and the Little Ice Age. But, that is a different story.

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7 Responses to “Snap! Now Disease Is A Climate Change National Security Threat”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Climate change as a national security issue??? Yup CIA thinks that is a big one too.
    And remember TEach climate change is NATURAL not SUPERNATURAL. Science doesn’t go for the supernatural type explanations

  2. John Ryan says:

    So what is the reason that the planet is getting warmer?

  3. Yeah, I saw that one too, John. Care to actually address the post? Not sure what the hell you are talking about re: supernatural.

    The globe is warming mostly due to natural causes, just like it always has. Which is also why you get cooling during a warmer period. And cool periods. And ice ages. Nature rocks.

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  5. John Ryan says:

    The cold temp stae record for South Carolina is -19 F I don’t think that it will get anywhere near that temp. The number of high temp records last year in the USA was about twice as many as the cold temp records broken.

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  7. And none of that means that the warming, which has basically been flatlined for aroudn 15 years, is solely or mostly man-induced, John.

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