Snap! Man Made Global Warming Denial Aids Terrorists

You had to know that it was only a matter of time before the two were linked

In the United States there is vocal opposition to any suggestion that the chemicals we pump into air through the burning of fossil fuels could have any effect on global climate. These global warming deniers claim that the over-whelming scientific evidence to the contrary is either purposely faked by money-hungry scientists, or was conducted in complete error by incompetent scientists. They say there is no need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Is their position actually weakening America’s security while strengthening terrorists?

Well, obviously. The author spends lots of time building a case that deniers are supporting some nebulous unknown terrorists. That’s right, nowhere in the article does the author actually name who the terrorists are. Conspicuously absent are words such as “Islam,” “Muslim,” and/or “Islamic.”

According to the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, “America’s best weapon against terrorism is to decrease its dependency on foreign oil by increasing its fuel efficiency and introducing next-generation fuels.” Refusing to acknowledge any pressing need to regulate greenhouse gas emissions primarily caused by the burning of fossil fuels and fighting to delay or derail any such efforts, therefore, plays directly into the hands of terrorists, providing material aid to America’s enemies and costing American lives as our own dollars are turned into roadside bombs, guns, and bribes that undermine our efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world.

Of course, that is not what the IAGS is saying. But, hey, the little alarmist has his narrative, and wants to create a link between the two.

How Would Osama Bin Laden Answer?

Think about it: If we were to ask Osama Bin Laden the following questions, what would his answer be? Should America reduce its use of oil? Should America doubt the findings and value of its scientists? Amazingly, Bin Laden’s answers to those questions would almost certainly match those of global warming deniers.

Actually, Bin Laden is spewing the same sort of insanity as the climate alarmists. So, if you believe in anthropogenic global warming, you are supporting the causes of Osama Bin Laden and, yes, I’ll say it, Islamic terrorism.

Is it any wonder that belief in AGW is dying out, when these unhinged tools continuously provide insane commentary, rather than actual hard science?

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7 Responses to “Snap! Man Made Global Warming Denial Aids Terrorists”

  1. model_1066 says:

    When somebody tells me that they can predict the future and control planetary climate, the true believers say “settled science!”…I say “primitive superstition!”

    Good lord, how can anybody take this seriously anymore?

  2. I think they’ve confused carbon monoxide with CO2, and have been sniffing the former way too much.

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  4. John Ryan says:

    Saudi Arabia is THE major country still refusing to believe that climate is changing because of man. Israel also believes that climate change has security issuses. Why side with the Saudis ?????

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