Are You Ready To Green Your New Year’s Party?

Hey, don’t make that face at me! Don’t shoot me the finger or a razzzzzzzzzberry. I’m just the messenger

Are you planning a New Year’s Eve shindig this year? Between food, decor, and transportation, New Year’s parties can add up to a lot of waste, but they don’t have to! With just a bit of planning, you can lower your party’s impact without sacrificing an ounce of fun.

With just a bit of planning, you can make sure no one will ever come to your New Year’s Eve party ever again! Even your climate alarmist/enviro-weenie friends will want nothing to do with you

  1. Snacks and Drinks: Drinks can have as much of an impact as food at your party, so stock up on organic booze and mixers. You can add a festive flair with a crock pot full of organic mulled wine or cider to warm up your guests on a chilly evening. (why not go the extra mile and make the booze yourself?)
  2. Turn Down the Heat (why not just have it outside, and forget the heat…..oh, wait, I forgot, it’s coooooooold outside)
  3. DIY Decor (show your guests you’re a cheap SOB)
  4. Use Reusables (wait, it uses energy and water to clean them, which is bad for the environment. Better to just use your hands and sleeves)
  5. Transportation – You don’t even have to frame this one as an eco-option. If everyone takes the train or bus or even shares a cab to your party, there’s no need to have a designated driver. When you send out invitations, encourage your guests to take transit, if possible. If you live near a bus or train station, you might even include transit directions to make this a more accessible option. (Snap! Nagging your guests before they even get to the party. Not that I’m against public transportation for when people get liquored up, but, wait don’t they also use energy and fossil fuels? Tell your guests to walk or ride their bikes)

And those are you green New Year’s Eve tips, folks! Have a safe and naggy night!

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5 Responses to “Are You Ready To Green Your New Year’s Party?”

  1. mojo says:

    1) Don’t invite eco-scolds to your party.

    See? Problem solved.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Suggestion #2 is well, full of number 2.

    If a large number of people in the home will raise the temperature of the room, there is no need to turn down the heat as the thermostat will register the higher temp and not signal the furnace to kick on.

  3. captainfish says:

    gitarcarver – we are talking enviro-logic here. We don’t need your kind of thinking here!!

    However, while you are here, I do have a question…. What is ORGANIC BOOZE? Isn’t that moonshine? And illegal? But, isn’t it also highly anti-environmentally friendly?

    per #5: Heck, just make them walk in the snow showing them how to live like the climaheimers want us to live. No better lesson that first-hand knowledge.

  4. See, now if they would all take up cannibalism among each other…..

  5. gitarcarver says:

    What is ORGANIC BOOZE?

    I have a feeling that would be made from grapes / corn / barley / etc that has been grown without fertilizers or pesticides.

    Even though the use of such things help end hunger, when you are an environmental elite, appearance, not reality, is what matters.

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