Good News! Climate Alarmism Should Be A Priority After A Wasted Year

This story reminds me to get a new pair of hip waders during the after Christmas sales

After a wasted year, climate change must once again be our priority

There is no doubt that greenhouse gas emissions are rising remorselessly. We must sideline the sceptics

Blah blah blah blah

In fact, most climate scientists say rises could easily go up to 4C to 6C, producing global average temperatures not seen on Earth for 50 million years. Deserts will spread, ice caps melt, coastal areas flood and millions forced from their homes.

Oh, so, the temps have been that high before? This has happened before? Well, damn. Someone should have told this guy, story from the same source

Man, 72, lost for three days driving around the M4

A grandfather who drove his wife from their Wiltshire home to Gatwick found getting home through the snow chaos impossible

Oh, sorry, I forgot, snow is caused by warming. I feel my IQ dropping just writing that sarcasm.

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4 Responses to “Good News! Climate Alarmism Should Be A Priority After A Wasted Year”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach there was a lot of snow, was that a record OW temp? Gee no I checked not even close. London IS north of Montreal, looks like their climate there is changing Teach. and it looks like the Conservative Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron is still sticking with his belief in climate change.

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  3. captainfish says:

    Teach, were you being snarky? Were you? Silly boy.

  4. Good word to use, John: belief. As in a cult like belief. Doesn’t matter if England is north of Montreal, other natural processes are in play, so that it usually has a more moderate climate. And yeah, it could be changing to a cooler little ice age type climate. Or simply a temporary change, as the earth likes to do. Buy, this whole GHGs cause snow is just a complete pantload from people desperate to push their pet cult, and wouldn’t see reality if it came up and shaved their ass hair.

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