Snap! NC Gov. Perdue Is A Funny Lady

So, now that the Republicans have taken over the North Carolina General Assembly, the Democrat governor has some interesting ideas

In a rare appearance by a governor before a legislative committee, Gov. Beverly Perdue on Wednesday asked state lawmakers to keep the sessions of the General Assembly short and to create a special commission to handle redistricting next year.

Perdue also asked that lawmakers remove a provision that exempts them and their staff members from state open records laws.

So, with a GOP Assembly, she now wants shorter sessions and open records? Didn’t hear that the last two years when Dems held the Assembly. Don’t get me wrong, I do agree, it’s just rather hypocritical of her. As far as redistricting goes, the GOP should tell her to stick it in her ear, and do it themselves. To hell with any sort of special commission, elections have consequences.

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2 Responses to “Snap! NC Gov. Perdue Is A Funny Lady”

  1. JakeG says:

    Isn’t that always the case? Amazing how some (Gov. Perdue in this case) see the light on transparency once a foot is up their ass.

  2. Exactly. I can see this same thing happening in a few other states that will have GOP legislatures and Dem govs, whereby they want, especially, a Dem say in redistricting.

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