GHG Caused Snow May Cancel Giants-Vikings Game

Warmest Year Eveh!

The Giants took off shortly after 10 a.m. today and made it as far as Kansas City.

A few members of the New York-New Jersey media contingent left about an hour and a half later and stopped in Cleveland, only to be turned around and sent back to Newark.

I didn’t even make it to the airport.

A blizzard in the Midwest closed the airport in Minneapolis, grounded the Giants in Missouri and ruined travel plans for those attempting to make it to Minnesota for Sunday’s game between the Giants and Vikings. The team will stay in Kansas City tonight and travel to Minnesota tomorrow.

The game may be pushed back to 415pm, or, some are talking about it getting moved to Sunday or even Monday night. That climate change caused by the Cancun COP16 GHG output is a bitch, eh?

In other news, Scotland’s transportation minister, Stewert Stevenson, a big climate alarmist, has resigned after “winter storms paralyzed the transportation system.” Don’t you hate when karma turns around and bites warmists in the arse?

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2 Responses to “GHG Caused Snow May Cancel Giants-Vikings Game”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach it is no where near a record cold temp. It is well within normal for winter in the midwest. It would have to drop 40 degrees to set a new record

  2. gitarcarver says:

    It would have to drop 40 degrees to set a new record

    So for AGW to be disproven, it would have to set records for lowest temperature?

    Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds?

    Nah, I guess not.

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