CNN Takes A Stab At Why There’s Really No Job Recovery

Surprisingly, Bush was not mentioned. Instead, they find a different villain

The problem with bringing down the stubbornly high unemployment rate is that employers are learning to do more with less.

Employers still aren’t hiring enough. Just look at November’s disappointing employment report, which barely eked out a gain in jobs. Or better yet, look at the holiday workers at your local mall. If you can find them.

Why, yes, they do go on and on about businesses learning to do more with less. So, in Liberal World, it obviously can’t be the fault of Obama and the Donkeys, those folks who just lost the House in a historic way, as well as lost a ton of state legislatures and governors mansions.

It can’t be the fault of Democrats creating uncertainty with the tax rates.

It can’t be the fault of the Democrats for the Porkulus bill.

It can’t be the fault of the Democrats for passing a destructive health bill while ignoring the economy for damned near a year.

It can’t be the fault of the Democrats for massive bloated federal spending.

It can’t be the fault of the Democrats for playing the class warfare card.

It can’t be the fault of the Democrats for pushing jobless benefits over jobs creation.

It can’t be the fault of the Democrats for simply creating massive uncertainty and worry in the private sector, causing companies to not hire.

No, it has to be those evil private companies.

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6 Responses to “CNN Takes A Stab At Why There’s Really No Job Recovery”

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  2. John Ryan says:

    American companies had record high profits in the 3rd Q and the stock market is booming. The top 2% of Americans are doing very well

  3. Yet, they aren’t hiring. Kinda makes you wonder why, John.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Another compost bomb from Ryan.

    The stock market isn’t “booming” Ryan. It had a modest gain for the month of November and the GDP is not growing anywhere as fast as it should.

    What is even scarier is that the Wall Street Journal and other economists are predicting that without the extension of the Bush tax cuts – ALL OF THEM – the market will crash as people will sell of their stocks to avoid the capital gains taxes.

    The question is whether liberals like Ryan, Obama and the lame duck Congress keep pitching the “class warfare” meme as the country goes down the tubes.

    Apparently Ryan is still buying into it, but that just proves the ol’ adage about trying to teach a pig to sing.

  5. I’ve never fully understood this whole class warfare thing from the Dems, considering that they are primarily supported by a Sugar Daddy network of really rich people, not too mention led by folks who are really rich. But, then, Lefties do not understand real world economics, and seem to think that prosperity is created by the government and by people with no money.

    I mean, what is wrong with keeping taxes low on everyone, including the rich? John?

  6. gitarcarver says:

    Oh c’mon Teach, you know Ryan won’t answer.

    But there is something else going on here.

    The Declaration of Independence states that we have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Key to that phrase was the understanding of the founders that “pursuit of happiness” included “pursuit of property.” In other words, we are free to go after what we want not only without interference from the government, but with the protection of the government. Secondly is the concept that a man who can determine his fate – also known as the ability to work – should not be oppressed or restricted in any way. As long as my pursuit of my happiness, property and work ethos does not hurt anyone else or infringe on someone else’s rights, the government needs to stay out of the way and only protect my rights.

    People like Ryan don’t believe in those principles. They believe that they have the right to say when a person has too much property. They believe that they have the right to say when a person is making too much money in their opinion.

    The fact is that they don’t have that right. Any time a weasel says “they make too much,” the reply should be “who are you to say what is too much? What gives you the right to say that the fruits of my labor are out of the range that you feel is acceptable?”

    “Who are you to step on the founding ideas of this country?”

    To start my company, I worked for years for 60 – 80 hours a week in order to save enough to start my own company. It is the fruit of my labor. People like Ryan were never there to help. They were at home sitting on their butt watching tv and drinking cheap beer.

    Now that my little company is in place and I am seeing the fruits of those long lean years, they want to take it away. They want to say “you made too much.”


    I worked too hard and will not pay for others who chose a different path.

    And if people like Ryan don’t like it, move to a country where everyone works the same – like Cuba or China.

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