Damned Right Wing Nuts Shoot Down Mosque….Wait, What?

Sorry, I meant a left wing Chicago board

The DuPage County Zoning Board of Appeals on Thursday night overwhelmingly rejected a petition by an Islamic group to operate a religious center in unincorporated West Chicago.

Citing concerns about a possible detrimental impact on well and septic systems and nearby property values, board members took less than 10 minutes for discussion before voting 6-1 against issuing a conditional-use permit to the Islamic Center of Western Suburbs.

“I believe that it’s too intense a use of the property considering the septic field and the building itself and what they propose,” said board member Barry Ketter, addressing colleagues and a crowd of around 50 persons.

So, they’re worried about septic systems and property values. Hmm. I’d say a victory mosque two blocks from the former spot of the World Trade Center, destroyed by Islamists, counts as a “detrimental impact.”

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One Response to “Damned Right Wing Nuts Shoot Down Mosque….Wait, What?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    DuPage is “left wing” ??? Teach DuPage is one of the wealthiest counties in the USA and is 85% white 3% black and the average income for a family is 120,000 dollars. DuPage generally votes Republican.Teach you really should try to learn a bit more about the country you live in or at least stop jumping to conclusions.

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