NPR Beclowns Themselves Regarding Republicans Not Being Climate Alarmists

You just have to love it when climate alarmists have absolutely no f***ing idea what they are talking about

The more carbon that gets released into the atmosphere, the higher the average temperature rises.

That’s a scientific fact.

Oh, really? No so fast, chump. Our bodies are made of 20% or more carbon. Yes, carbon can cause air pollution, generally smog, and is something I agree with regulating. However, carbon is not carbon dioxide, and it is not a greenhouse gas. If you are going to talk about “a scientific fact,” you might want to consider getting your actual talking points correct to start with, Sparky. Sure, alarmists often use “carbon” to imply “CO2”, however, science is science, and C is not CO2. (More discourse at Watts Up With That? and Hawksfield’s Hypothesis)

Human activities, such as driving, flying, building and even turning on the lights, are the biggest contributor to the release of carbon.

That too, is a fact.

Even if true, we are talking about something different, Chump. Dying releases lots of carbon. So does just being alive. The latest peer reviewed study shows that Mankind only contributes 35% to global warming. Nature accounts for the other 65%. And that 35% might still be too high, since it is difficult to estimate the effect of water vapor, the Sun, and many natural processes, because we do not scientifically know how they all work. But, again, carbon is not carbon dioxide.

And yet the majority of Republicans running for House and Senate seats this year disagree.

Because they aren’t idiots, and aren’t buying into the cult of AGW. And, yes, the IPCC is mentioned, but, none of the problems with the IPCC assessments are. Weird, huh?

Anyhow, there is an enormous amount of left wing bias in the article, which reads like an editorial, yet, is supposedly straight news. Read it all and laugh. Good thing our tax dollars are paying for this guano.

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One Response to “NPR Beclowns Themselves Regarding Republicans Not Being Climate Alarmists”

  1. captainfish says:

    wow, you didn’t get a single comment on this article by your lib followers? Not even the idiot ones who will only say the opposite to what you post?


    Tell me how turning on a light bulb releases carbon? hmm?

    Teach, you see the article on WUWT where “scientists” were trying to prove that water vapor place no role in our greenhouse? And many others claiming the sun has no role.

    How did we go from the sheer genius of planting a man on the moon using nothing but test-tubes, vacuum-tubes, and some bailing wire, …… to these idiots being our leading scientists???

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