Rule 5 Saturday: How ‘Bout Some Hot Anna Chapman In Lingerie?

That’s right, the hottest known spy has done a photo-shoot for Maxim Russia. Here is just some of the awesome goodness

Anna Chapman Maxim Anna Chapman Maxim

You can see the full video at Maxim Russia (they REALLY do not like uploading to Youtube or other video sites, and have been very diligent in getting them removed, so, I won’t bother.) If you have trouble getting to play, try Gawker for a shorter version. And, yeah, though no nudity, probably not safe for work.

And, uh oh, Republican Joe DioGuardi’s daughter Kara has had some more racy photos. The Other McCain has the details.

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5 Responses to “Rule 5 Saturday: How ‘Bout Some Hot Anna Chapman In Lingerie?”

  1. captainfish says:

    hahahaahaha. never let a good Rule 5 go to waste, eh Teach? Glad you haven’t disappointed us.

    Too bad there aren’t any Chapman’s in the mail-order Russian Brides catalog.

  2. proof says:

    I’m no Russian expert, but I understood everything I needed to on that cover!

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  4. mojo says:

    Putin: “I will debrief Agent Chapmanski myself…”

  5. captainfish says:

    A blaring example of another failure in America’s imperialism: Failure to FULLY debrief Chapman in front of the American people in a full, open, and transparent “interview”.

    Obama: “Oh, you want your spy that you have had in our country? Ok, sure, here ya go!!”

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