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If You Don’t Believe In AGW, You’re Unpatriotic Or Something

And the True Believers wonder why they are losing ground? Well, there is that whole “damn, it’s cold” thing. Oh, and all the errors that keep being found in the UN’s IPCC report that they won a Nobel for. The linking of everything to globull warming, you know, hot, cold, wet, dry, lots of hurricanes, […]

Lefties Up In Arms Over….Sleep Deprivation

Found via those wonderful insaniacs over at the Democratic Underground, it appears as if many are up in arms over the mean old US of A torturing a British citizen. What did we do? The rack? Stress positions? Pulling out fingernails? Obviously, from the headline, it just gets silly As Bill Egnor has reported (and […]

It’s A Good Day For Fun! (20 Images)

Most People Angry And Upset With Washington? Who Knew?

Hard to believe, eh? What could possibly make the American people so upset and angry in the era of Hopey Changey? Two-thirds of Americans are “dissatisfied” or downright “angry” about the way the federal government is working, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. On average, the public estimates that 53 cents of every […]

Still Waiting For Iran’s “Harsh Blow To Global Arrogance”

It’s almost 9am here on the East Coast, 5:30pm in Tehran. Where is that harsh blow Iran promised? It certainly couldn’t be an unverified claim that Iran has enriched some uranium to 20%, which means it is usable in a power plant, but, not a weapon, could it? You’re running out of time, Mahmoud. You […]

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