Daily Archives: February 20, 2010

Collapsing Science Today: Obama Blames Snow On Global Warming

For a change, he is not actually blaming a private citizen or group for something or other (via Tom Nelson) US President Barack Obama on Friday rebuked climate change skeptics who argue that piles of snow dumped on the United States during a frigid winter cast doubt on global warming science. “We just got five […]

Hello, Kitty! (20 Images)

NASA Turning Into Obama Muslim Outreach Program

Of course, this does beg the question “what actual space program is NASA talking about?”, since the Obama mega-budget is doing away with most space related mission, and NASA is planning on paying commercial vendors to take them to space, as we have no replacement for the space shuttles (not Obama’s fault), have none in […]

DOJ Clears Bush Lawyers On Torture, Left Apoplectic

I was going to use the CNN article I ran across last night, based on the Friday night doc dump, but, hey, let’s go with the Washington Post one linked through Memeorandum, since there are plenty of links to lefties in their typical unhinged modes (there is also a NY Times and NPR article cited) […]

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