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Save The Manatees From Climate Change!

And, by climate change, I of course mean The unusually cold weather that struck Florida in January did more than damage crops and citrus trees. It has also caused an unprecedented number of deaths among Florida’s beloved residents, the endangered West Indies manatees. Twisting and flopping in the shallow water, Baby Coral probably doesn’t realize […]

Valentine’s Day (You Know This Post Will Degenerate After The First Image, Right? (22 Images)

Internet Terror Talk Grows Louder, More Worrisome

This should concern people CBS News has learned that U.S. Intelligence officials are seeing a marked increase in terror-related Internet chatter with a frightening focus: Jihadists bent on finding gaps in airport security – all linked to al Qaeda in Yemen, reports CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian. On one radical website, a writer […]

NY Times Proves Obama Is, In Fact, Too Dim To Understand

Also stupider, dumber than dumb, and clueless. He’s the Moron-In-Chief. Pulling-off-your-mask-so-the-clerk-of-the-bank-you’re-robbing-can-hear-you dumb. Hey, those were Ted Rall’s words, and, I think we can all take as gospel that Ted, like a broken clock, is on to something, as prove by this NY Times article: Obama Making Plans to Use Executive Power With much of his […]

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