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John Murtha’s Wife Might Run For His Congressional Seat

Or, more humorously, per Fark, Kim Il Jong urged to run for Murtha’s seat (picture at link) Joyce Murtha for Congress? The Pennsylvania papers are reporting that the widow of Rep. John Murtha is being urged to run in the May special election to fill the remainder of her husband’s term. The 77-year-old Democrat died a […]

It Must Be Monday Again (20 Images)

Just Because A Good Chunk Of The IPCC Is Fake, That’s No Reason To Not Believe In AGW, Right?

I always enjoy watching climate alarmists jump on that ride at the amusement part, the one that spins you around and around and around, especially if it is the type where the bottom drops out. Now, in an article entitled Missteps By Climate Scientists Threatens Climate Change Agenda (which rather proves that it is all […]

Some Democrats Want Nothing To Do With Obama

Remember back in the day, during the run-up to the 2006 and 2008 elections, when we were treated to a bevy of stories about Republicans not wanting George Bush to campaign with them? Well, just a mere 13 months into Obama’s presidency, and Democrats are already rebuffing The Smartest Man In The World: Some Democrats […]

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