Daily Archives: February 10, 2010

Yet Another Manufactured Liberal Outrage About Palin

The lady sure drives the left nuts. But, then, the pretty much live in a peanut farm. The latest insanity from the insaneocrats The name on her black memorial bracelet — one, like the gold star, a demonstration of a friend or associate who was killed in action — is that of her oldest son, […]

NYPD Releases Tons Of 9/11 Aeriel Photos

After all this time, still shocking and saddening Newly released aerial photos of the World Trade Center terror attack capture the towers’ dramatic collapse, from just after the first fiery plane strike to the apocalyptic dust clouds that spread over lower Manhattan and its harbor. The images were taken from a police helicopter — the […]

Wednesday Random (20 Images)

CBS Loses Loving Feeling, Exposes True Meaning Of Obama’s Bipartisanship Call

As each month of Jimmy Carter’s second term passes (it might actually be an insult to Jimmy Carter to make that comparison), the apparatus of state is losing its hold on the state run media. Much like we saw in the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the media is becoming more independent of the talking […]

Stimulus Does Create Green Jobs. Overseas

In yet another mundane story – because, really, will most people be surprised by negative Generational Theft Act news? – we learn how things are going with wind farm jobs that used stimulus money Despite all the talk of green jobs, the overwhelming majority of stimulus money spent on wind power has gone to foreign […]

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