Wednesday Random (20 Images)

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5 Responses to “Wednesday Random (20 Images)”

  1. manbearpig says:

    No anal sex with young boys on the surface lift? WTF?!

  2. TFMo says:

    Well MBP, we can guess where Kevin Jennings WON’T be vacationing this year…

  3. TFMo says:

    Caption time? Why, I think it must be!

    1: Waiter, there’s a fly in my spermicide…
    2: You should see the matching panties!
    3: As much as she enjoyed the song, Tiffany decided to take ACDC’s “Big Balls” off her play list.
    4: Dan’s low-budget search for Atlantis continues…
    5: Women in this country have a whole different definition of “slinky outfits.”
    6: There’s a joke here about a “copper” clapping the kid in “irons”, but it just isn’t worth it.
    7: Chickthulhu f’tagn…Chickthulhu f’tagn…
    8: The tree isn’t leaning, it’s desperately trying to grab something before it falls off the cliff.
    9: Yeah, but the stereo kicks ASS!!
    10: And then…and it…but then I…IT’S BUSH’S FAULT!!
    11: As you could probably guess, GM’s new green cars run on fertilizer.
    12: So now we know where Kevin Jennings WON’T be vaca…whoa, deja vu!
    13: Ummmm…yeah, I got nothin’.
    14: Well, that’s one way to end a “kid down a well” story…
    15: Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus in Hell.
    16: Sure she’s hot, but that GAS….
    17: It was when Grandad’s “When I Was A Kid” story got to this part, we decided it was time to throw him into the volcano.
    18: “Oh, no Murray…looks aren’t everything! That bitch.”
    19: Hatchbakk the Autobot tried to tolerate Melanie’s taste in music, but enduring the latest from Lady GaGa for the 80th time was just too much.
    20: After years of treatments, surgery, recovery, pills, and running through every penny saved, Wilbur finally felt comfortable with himself.

  4. LOL!

    I’ve seen signs similar to that, meant to mean do not grab the lift line and push someone else up in front of you. Probably not the best way to visualize it, though

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