Daily Archives: February 17, 2010

Sheriff Joe: All Those Stimulus Jobs Are For The Second Half

Remember all the talk about the Stimulus being about shovel ready jobs? Remember how this legislation was just so danged important that no one would be allowed to take the time to read it, it had to be voted on right now or OMG WE’RE DOOMED? Of course, Barry waited 5 days to sign it. […]

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Collapsing Science Today: Fog, Wildfires, And Antarctic Sea Ice

Let’s start with the perfect headline for belief in AGW (note: the site is not a climate alarmist one) Climate change causes an increase and a decrease in San Francisco fog How can that be? A story in today’s Daily Telegraph proclaims, “Fog over San Francisco thins by a third due to climate change.” A […]

Stimulus Wednesday: Where’s The Money (Not) Going?

The Generational Theft Act has been on the books for over a year at this point, and Sheriff Joe and other Obama peeps will travel around the country pushing their unbelievable unpopular Stimulus plan. Just how unpopular? A CBS News/New York Times poll from last week found that just six percent of Americans think the […]

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