Daily Archives: February 3, 2010

Blanche Lincoln To Obama: You Don’t Even Know What A Payroll Is

Of course, Blanche is facing some serious issues in her re-election bid, no thanks to hitching her star and votes to President Neverhadarealjob, but, she looks to be taking the politically expedient route to the hearts of her constituents Lincoln, who faces a tough reelection fight, asked Obama to push back against “people at the […]

Almost Time For That Spring Wedding (20 Images)

Iran Launches Worms Into Space

So they tell us In what seemed designed as a display of advancing missile technology, Iran said on Wednesday that it had test-fired a rocket into space carrying living organisms — a rat, two turtles and worms, according to the official Press TV broadcaster. The launch of what was described as a Kavoshgar-3 missile, capable […]

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