ACLU Forces Release Of Yet Another Secret Document That Endangers Americans

Liberal namby pamby’s just can’t move on

A long-suppressed report by the Central Intelligence Agency’s inspector general to be released next week reveals that CIA interrogators staged mock executions as part of the agency’s post-9/11 program to detain and question terror suspects, NEWSWEEK has learned.

According to two sources—one who has read a draft of the paper and one who was briefed on it—the report describes how one detainee, suspected USS Cole bomber Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, was threatened with a gun and a power drill during the course of CIA interrogation. According to the sources, who like others quoted in this article asked not to be named while discussing sensitive information, Nashiri’s interrogators brandished the gun in an effort to convince him that he was going to be shot. Interrogators also turned on a power drill and held it near him. “The purpose was to scare him into giving [information] up,” said one of the sources. A federal law banning the use of torture expressly forbids threatening a detainee with “imminent death.”

What Newsweek doesn’t bother to tell you, but, the Washington Post does (paragraph 4), is that the ACLU sued to have this report released. Apparently, they still do no understand that the A stands for American, not a**hole.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, what the interrogators did was wrong and apparently illegal. But, really, why make a big deal out of getting this information released? al-Nashiri was the mastermind behind the deaths of 17 US citizens, members of the US Navy, aboard the USS Cole. 39 other Americans, Navy personel, were injured in the bombing. al-Nashiri was a major big shot in al Qaeda, a group responsible for killing 2,996 Americans on 9/11, not to mention all the other Americans killed by these barbarians stuck in the 12th Century. Amazingly, the bed-wetting left is more concerned with the welfare of these jihadis then with the plight and fait of people like Nick Berg, who had his head sawed off while alive.

I’d say that the left should spare us the mock outrage over what was done with the jihadis, but, it is not fake. They really do care more about the Islamists than about American citizens, particularly those in the military. These are the same people who constantly told us that we needed to “move on” from 9/11. Just forget it. How many Liberal blogs participated in the 2,996 Project? So few as to be negligible.

Anyhow, Newsweek can only report what happened with al-Nashiri and one other detainee. This report, which DATES BACK to 2004, points out that most of these actions and other detainee abuse were dealt with, and interrogators who went over the established lines were punished. “Bad dog, no biscuit! Now go sit in the corner for a few.”

Top Bush CIA officials, including Tenet’s successors as CIA director, Porter Goss and Gen. Michael Hayden, strongly lobbied for the IG report to be kept secret from the public. They argued that its release would damage America’s reputation around the world, could damage CIA morale, and would tip off terrorists regarding American interrogation tactics. “Justice has had the complete document since 2004, and their career prosecutors have reviewed it carefully for legal accountability,” said CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano. “That’s already been done.”

Shockingly, no liberals have argued that it might cause harm to America, and put American lives in harms way. Why? Because, quite frankly, they think America sucks, and, also, if it harms Bush, they are all for it. If someone thinks that is a harsh estimate, consider how much effort the left spent in trying to lose the war in Iraq. Now that Obama is president, the majority of their opposition has disappeared.

Maybe it is time to move on, Libs, and root for your own country for a change.

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2 Responses to “ACLU Forces Release Of Yet Another Secret Document That Endangers Americans”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach no one was prosecuted for breaking this law. These were the people that damaged our reputation. I do not think that we should base our prosecution of lawbreakers on whether it would be up setting to al Qaeda. Apparently YOU feel that appeasing them would be safer for the USA

  2. John Ryan says:

    Teach does putting the cartoons of Mohammad place Americans in danger ?

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