AGW Today: Scare Mongering? You Want Scare Mongering?

Well, here, have a dose, via a few United Nations nuts, starting with this wacko pronouncement, via Andrew Bolt

“Climate change will displace 25-50 million people by next year. The situation will be the worst in the poorer countries,” says Koko Warner of the UN University’s Institute for Environment and Human Security.

Besides the fact that that is completely nuts, we find out

Reader Victoria 3220 traces the the UN’s claim of 50 million climate refugees by next year to its laughable source:

A fact in 2009 is based on a probability in 2001, which was based on a 1995 ‘first-cut’ estimate, which is based on a 1993 unsupported assumption (roughly estimated). Ah, science at its best. 

I wasn’t aware that there was actually science based science practiced by the climate change True Believers.

Good news from Ban Ki Moon, though, who goes out of his way to trump Al Gore’s “10 years” and Price Charles’ “8 years” pronouncements (via Roger Pielke)

Climate change, as all previous speakers have already stated, is the fundamental threat to humankind… The damage to national economies will be enormous. The human suffering will be incalculable… We have just four months.Four months to secure the future of our planet.

No scare mongering, eh? This certainly won’t help, though

Australia’s Senate rejected the government’s climate-change legislation, forcing Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to amend the bill or call an early election.

Senators voted 42 to 30 against the law, which included plans for a carbon trading system similar to one used in Europe. Australia, the world’s biggest coal exporter, was proposing to reduce greenhouse gases by between 5 percent and 15 percent of 2000 levels in the next decade.

Don’t they know we only have 4 months????!!!!!!!

Oh, and John “Waffles” Kerry got every single fact wrong regarding AGW and national security.

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