Is Climate Change In Our Heads?

Oh, joy, now they are figuring out how to make everyone a disciple of the Church of Gore

A task force assembled by the  American Psychological Association hopes to spur more research on the role of the human mind in shaping the behaviors resulting in rising greenhouse-gas emissions as well as on traits that can impede an effective response to global warming and similar slow-building environmental risks.

The task force has produced  a 225-page report on psychology and climate that is being released to coincide with special sessions on climate at the association’s annual meeting in Toronto. (The link to the report has been balky; I’ll update if a better one is created.)

The group is hoping that the report can also inspire specialists in other fields to collaborate with psychologists. For instance, an effort to shape an initiative for curbing emissions would have a higher chance of success if it considered research showing which messages and incentives cause people to change, or resist change. “We must look at the reasons people are not acting in order to understand how to get people to act,”  Janet Swim, a psychology professor at Penn State and the task force leader, said in a statement.

Here’s a reason: a good chunk of people find the science of anthropogenic global warming to be a steaming pile of mule fritters, and the science behind that belief is convincing more and more people of such. Meanwhile, the hysterical rhetoric emanating from the True Believers is less and less convincing, especially in light of their leaders being climate hypocrites.

Most people do believe it has warmed. Mostly, or solely, naturally. But, the head shrinks have a whole list of words to describe why you are not buying into the Climahysteria, such as “denial, ignornance, judgemental discounting, and uncertainty.” I can’t speak for you, but, the constant alarmist tone of the media and the True Believers leaves no uncertainty in my mind that the facts really aren’t on their side

As Andrew Bolt points out, if it is bad, blame Man. If it is good, it’s nature. Like with this years Atlantic hurricane season – can you call it a hurricane season when there are no named storms as of August 6th, and there is nothing on the horizon to create even a tropical storm?

For you skeptics, deniers (sneer when you read that word), Dr. Dummkoft explains AGW.

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6 Responses to “Is Climate Change In Our Heads?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Is climate change denial in your head ?
    The cult of denial
    9/11 truthers
    Holocaust Deniers
    Cliamte change deniers
    There are always some people who just refuse to accept the reality of others.

  2. King Homeless Santa Dirty Wizard says:

    Oh noes! Global change! All dreadful weather fluctuations must cease! Stop the seasons! Oh god, stop the seasons!

    Global Jihad? Um, what’s that? Surely you jest. Don’t you know we’re all just the same flesh and blood humans on the inside? Evil people? Give me a break. There aren’t any actual evil people living outside of the West. They are just misunderstood, oppressed, downtrodden victims of our greed and naked imperialism so shut your racist hole and get with the program.

    But climate change, now that’s real for sure! And it’s all our fault!. So stop the seasons now before they stop you.

  3. ahrcanum says:

    mule fritters! lol- no storms, no sunspots, no sunny days, no suntan, and a low of 45% in NE U.S. in the middle of August. Make mine a conch fritter instead of a mule fritter.

  4. sleestak says:

    is it just me or does John’s response smack of “I know you are but what am I?”

  5. It was a bit of projection, since the Truthers and Holocaust deniers are on his side.

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