Are You Ready For $15 Gas And Massive High Power Costs?

Well, if not, get ready: Science paves way for climate lawsuits

People affected by worsening storms, heatwaves and floods could soon be able to sue the oil and power companies they blame for global warming, a leading climate expert has said.

Myles Allen, a physicist at Oxford University, said a breakthrough that allows scientists to judge the role man-made climate change played in extreme weather events could see a rush to the courts over the next decade.

He said: “We are starting to get to the point that when an adverse weather event occurs we can quantify how much more likely it was made by human activity. And people adversely affected by climate change today are in a position to document and quantify their losses. This is going to be hugely important.”

Yes, hugely important in pushing society back to the 1700’s. And the breakthrough is yet another in a long line of computer models, which seems to be programed to blame mankind.

The technique involves running two computer models to simulate the conditions that led to extreme weather events. One model includes human-caused emissions of greenhouse gases, the second assumes the industrial revolution never happened and that carbon levels in the atmosphere have not increased over the last century. Comparing the results pins down the impact of man-made global warming. “As the science has evolved this is now possible, it’s just a question of computing power,” he said.

Does anyone remember the Dow Corning lawsuits over the breast implants they manufactured, and how, after billions in lawsuit money, federal judges finally jumped in and put a stop to it because all the medical and scientific evidence basically said that the implants were safe, meaning all the lawsuits were frivolous? Where’s Dow today? What happens with the energy providers? Initially, they will have to raise prices. Beyond that, what? Bankruptcy? Fewer power providers? A power bill that is 10 times what they are now? We aren’t a society anymore that can really survive with people riding bikes to work. Most of us live 8 miles or more from our place of business.

Oh, BTW, guess who will be the first group of people who complain about the high costs? That’s right, liberals, who have mostly drunk the green kool aid of global warming.

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  1. Let’s hope for some peer review by some ethical scientists….

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