9 Ways To Greenify And Ruin Your Christmas

Is there anything the climahysterics/enviroweenies won’t do to try and ruin, well, everything? Via Metropolis at Metrotown, which is a huge shopping area in Burnbay, British Columbia.

1. Take your own re-usable shopping bags with you when you do your Christmas shopping. Around 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging are thrown away over Christmas. (this should make people think you are a street bum, er, sorry, local dispaced homeowner)

2. Avoid packaging – Canadians create 60,000 tons of packaging waste on Christmas. (“Mommy, I can see what all my gifts are. Are you lazy?”)

3. Send e-cards or cards made from post-consumer paper. Last year we sent around 744 million Christmas cards. If all these were recycled instead of thrown away, it would help to save the equivalent of 248,000 trees. (Because it is the season to be cheap)

4. Wrap your gifts in reusauble bags, old cartoons or magazines, Canadians go through 40 square kilometres of virgin forest wrapping paper every year! (“Mommy, have you been drinking again? Do I need to call AAA for you?”)

5. If you can, opt for seasonal local food and drink to cut down on `food miles’, which contribute to climate change. (actually not the greatest of ideas)

6. All the energy we use to power our Christmas lights could power one million homes! Use LED lights, they consume 95% less energy than regular lights. (Know what else could power a million homes? More nuclear plants)

7. Ask your guests to BYOP. If you’re having a party, avoid serving food and drink on disposable plates and cups and if you don’t have enough, ask your friends to help out. (Let me know how how long you still have friends. Oh, and what your cleaning bill is. Think anyone is going to “bring their own plate?”)

8. More than 8,000 tonnes of wrapping paper will be used on Christmas presents, using the equivalent of approximately 50,000 trees. Last Christmas, DEFRA estimated that 83 square km of wrapping paper ended up in UK rubbish bins. (Well, that isn’t much of a green tip, so, let me finish by saying, recycle it if possible, or burn it in the fireplace. Consider buying easily burned wrapping paper if you do have a fireplace.)

9. If you buy a real tree, and more than 6 million of us do, check with your local council if they will recycle it. Many local authorities grind the trees into wood chips and use them to mulch gardens or parks, instead of dumping the trees in landfill sites. (Now this is a good idea, one I whole heartedly agree with. Better yet, get it grinded down for use on your own property.)

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5 Responses to “9 Ways To Greenify And Ruin Your Christmas”

  1. Maggie Mama says:

    Gee, Teach, after reading this list, I’m convinced that it isn’t just atheists, who are trying to get rid of Christmas.

    Seems like the “Hug-a-tree’ers” will be the next to demand the holiday been banned when we fail to meet their expectations.

  2. Mike says:

    I agree with Maggie Mama and we also need more nuke plants.Teach check this out and let me know what you think.

  3. I wish the tree huggers would go out and do just that, Maggie, preferably somewhere really, really cold. Of course, they are all hypocrites, and talk a good game, but, that is about it.

    Looks pretty good, Mike

  4. Mike says:

    Thank You Teach. It’s not the same as all of you bloggers do such as Bookworm and Skye and Mike’s America and I really like what you people do. I’ll learn and get better.A lot more blogs too that I don’t have to mention.
    One thing I like is that you have to register to post.Good idea.

  5. Jeff C. says:

    Another good one: Give everyone emailable gift cards instead of plastic from a site like http://www.giftzip.com. Then you can be “green” and lazy at the same time 🙂 Great post.

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