AGW Today: UN Wants $130 Billion

Anyone who thinks most of the money would be used for its intended purpose (not to mention how much would end up in the pockets of UN employees), raise your hand

The U.N. climate change organization has said the world’s poor countries will need $130 billion dollars a year by 2030 to help them adapt to global warming and curb their carbon emissions.

The U.N. says rich countries need to increase their payments over the next 20 years to six times the funds available now, which is about $21 billion.

Now they want to increase the size of the international welfare programs, and, rather then increasing their energy on a big scale, which could get the people out of huts and burning dung for heat and cooking, the UN, during their monster CO2 outputing vacation in Posnan, Poland, wants to play games which will, based on most of their massive programs, hurt more then help.

Say, you want to do something fun? Google “CO2 800 years” and “Boyle’s Law.” Eye openers.

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