Blogs For Victory asks “What’s this “we” stuff, Obama?”

Obama on what “we” will need to do:

…make no mistake: the change we need won’t come easy or without cost. We will all need to tighten our belts, we will all need to sacrifice and we will all need to pull our weight because now more than ever, we are all in this together.

Somehow I doubt that ol’ Barry is going to sell his swell mansion and put the proceeds into the US treasury. I’m not expecting a tax on Ted Kennedy’s yacht. We’ll be waiting a long time for a tax on John Kerry’s ski chalet. Does anyone want to bet me that we won’t see a surcharge on John Edwards’ haircuts? And does anyone want to imagine what screams there would be if anyone proposed a tax on Pelosi’s winery?

Well, since members of Congress got 13% richer in 2007, and the majority of those in the top 10, no, we doesn’t include them.

Times are tough, but don’t worry about most members of Congress making ends meet.

Their collective wealth grew by 13 percent last year, leaving them in better shape than most Americans to make it through an economic downturn, according to a new analysis of personal financial reports. (snip)

Obama ranked as one of the biggest financial winners, with his net worth increasing from $800,000 in 2006 to $4.7 million last year, thanks mainly to royalties from his two best-selling books. McCain had a net worth estimated at $28.5 million, with most of the wealth attributed to his wife Cindy’s family fortune.

It’s good to run for President.

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