DU Thread Of The Day: What Could U Do With $605 Million?

The DUmmies are all up in arms over Barry asking for just $10 more after racking in $605 million in this terrible economy, and want to….huh? What? They are upset over the (admittedly idioctic) RNC spending $150K on clothes for Sarah Palin.

What could you do with $150,000?

I could pay off our house, credit cards, and car. Our house was purchased for just under $100,000 twelve years ago. I’m pretty sure with the money the GOP spent putting lipstick on their pig I could pretty much be debt free. How ’bout you?

Choice answers

  • Buy a Big Mac by this time next year. Things are getting grim. (optimistic Liberal, eh?)
  • Hookers, drugs, and a weekend in Vegas.
  • Have one hell of a party with other people’s money. (isn’t that what Barry is proposing?)
  • For me it would be beer and broads
  • Not me. I’d probably accidentally run over a Dole sign
  • I could buy this lovely townhouse I am renting for 88,000 and get my female 9 month old Beauceron dog spayed! There is no free or low cost spaying in Arkansas like they do in Florida where I am from! Lowest I could find for spaying her is 75.00 at Humane Society and that is still too high for me. In Miami, FL, I was able to get my cats/dogs spayed FREE as long as they have up to date rabies shots with proof of Miami residency….. (gee, maybe you should have thought about that before getting a dog. Why do Dems always want stuff for free?)

Yes, rather tame. Lots of them would use it to pay off debts, put it towards a home, education, etc. Good thing the LA Times isn’t taking a stance and saying everyone should give $10 more to Barry. Otherwise, the DUmmies might have a massive meltdown

With $605 million already, Obama asks only $10 more from each of us

…And, according to an e-mail plea to supporters, tonight’s the absolute deadline to donate $10 more and receive your special edition Official Obama-Biden car magnet.

Color me silly, but, it sure looks like a thinly vieled Obama press release at the LA Times, rather then a “that’s absurd!” story.

PS: Just for a little bit of Obamoonbattery. Really. And in my town. I wonder if they will gravitate towards it like zombies towards brains?

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2 Responses to “DU Thread Of The Day: What Could U Do With $605 Million?”

  1. beth says:

    Actually – I think its ridiculous the RNC immediately came out and said it was going to donate the clothes to charity. It just made them look guilty of something.

    Sarah is the only one in this whole group that isn’t a multi-millionaire AND the left had a heyday making fun of how she dressed and looked like a redneck (which is the nicest thing they called her). So the RNC decided she needed clothes suitable for a vice presidential candidate to be on the road 24/7.

    Honestly, this just tells me they can’t find a THING on this woman and they are getting desperate to find something to bring her down.

    Plus – most Governors would have already skimmed enough money to have a designer wardrobe. Obviously, she’s been pretty honest and hasn’t used the Alaskans money to line her own pockets.

    It just makes me like her more. And doesn’t she wear those clothes well though? 🙂

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