Pelosi Orders Probe In To Obama Fundraising And Rangel Ethics

In an exclusive statement, Nancy Pelosi, current speaker of the House (D-Liberal Land), said

“It is a shame that in a time of financial upheavel, Barack Obama and his Big Hollywood cronies would would not pay their fair share, and, instead, provide massive financial support to a floundering campaign through fundraising, further increasing the publics impression that he is an elitist and out of touch with the American public. Talking about change then raking in massive paper money provides no hope for middle class, and does not help Michelle’s kids.”

“Furthermore, I am announcing a full and complete probe of Charlie Rangel (D-NY) into his ethical lapses. This is supposed to be the A-#1 most ethical Congress ever, so I am asking that the Department of Justice become involved. He should immediately step down as Chairmain of the Ways and Means committee, to avoid any more appearence of impropriety.”

In reality land

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has ordered a broad, swift investigation of Wall Street and will demand testimony from Bush administration officials and captains of finance, congressional officials said.

House Democrats plan to aggressively look at the administration’s role in the meltdown over the weekend and to explore further regulation and government structures that would be taken up under the new president.

Of course, no Democrat in the most ethical Congress Evah! will have to face the music, because Queen Nancy has already stated that Democrats bear no responsibility. She should learn to use Google, as protein wisdom has.

In fact, there are several committees that are going to hold hearings, and according to The Politico article

Both chairmen are acting at the direction of Pelosi, who told them to figure out what happened and demonstrate that they are on top of the situation, the officials said.

This would be called locking lemming cage after they have already vamoosed (back to The Hill)

“The Pelosi-Obama Congress has failed to pass an all-of-the-above energy plan, failed to stop earmarks, and failed to break the partisan gridlock that plagues Washington,” RNC spokesman Alex Conant said. “If Pelosi thinks the Democratic Congress is doing a good job handling the economy now, then just imagine how bad our economy would be if Democrats controlled the White House, too.”

What the Dems want to do is set the system up for massive regulation, which would, of course, stifle them. Any resulting turmoil, low returns, negative growth, economic stagnation, a return to the 17th century would be, of course, Bush’s fault.

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