Going To A Privately Owned Place? Be Sensitive

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A lesbian who was ejected from the ladies’ room at the Caliente Cab Co. in Greenwich Village filed a gender-discrimination lawsuit against the Mexican restaurant Tuesday.

Khadijah Farmer, her girlfriend and a pal dropped by the Seventh Ave. South eatery on June 24, after attending the city’s gay pride parade.

But the visit was cut short when a bouncer allegedly told Farmer while she was on the toilet that a customer had complained about a man in the ladies’ room.

"I don’t go out of my way to wear pearls and pink dresses," Farmer said. "However, I shouldn’t have to."

Farmer admitted she’s not "the most effeminate woman in the world," but remains outraged that she was mistaken for a man. She said the bouncer refused to look at an identification card that identifies her as a female.

I heard about this one on local radio Thursday, and, she apparently dresses like a man, walks like a man, and talks like a man. Is it any wonder they asked her to get out of the ladies room, then asked her to leave when she created a scene?

From what I also heard, she has been, by her own admission, confronted many times in the past for looking like a man going in to the ladies room. To me, this simply looks like someone trolling for a lawsuit, which, in my mind, is worse the normal liberal activism, since she is not really trying to make things better, but, get some cash and force her opinions and biases on everyone else

The lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court demands that Caliente Cab Co. provide sensitivity training for its workers and seeks an unspecified amount of money.

How does one be sensitive when you see a man going in to the ladies room. Way back in college, I worked in bar, usually out on the floor. If I saw a man going in to the ladies’s room, they are out. Period. If they were a woman sock puppeting, then that is on them, not me or the bar. Yes, we should be tolerant of others-tolerance does not denote acceptance, BTW-but, where is their own responsibility? If a woman looks and dresses like a man, and goes into the ladies room, she should expect someone to take notice.

Farmer gets the max, 5 Prozacs, for her actions.

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  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    He/She resembled Helen Thomas I hear!

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