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‘Climate Change’ Drove Extinction Of Real King Kong Or Something

I’m pretty sure this is your fault What killed the ‘real King Kong’? Scientists say they now know the answer to an ancient mystery It did not fall off the Empire State Building. Instead, a giant ape sometimes dubbed the “real King Kong” was driven to extinction by climate change that put its favorite fruits […]

If All You See…

…is snow caused by Other People refusing to give up eating meat, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The RedSquirrel Report, with a post on predictions for 2024.

WWIII Watch: Iranian Backed Houthis Vow Response After US Strikes

So, of course, this happened yesterday U.S. and UK Launch Retaliatory Strikes Against Iran-Backed Houthis, Answering Months of Attacks on Global Trade The ability of Iran proxy Houthi terrorists to threaten merchant shipping “has taken a blow”, the MOD said after a major strike against 60 targets in Yemen by the U.S. and UK by […]

Shame: Hertz To Dump Huge Segment Of Their EV Vehicles

Look, if you want to get an EV, feel free. Once again, I’ll say I’m not against one. One would work for me 90% of the time, since I’m mostly puttering around town. But, it should be my choice. I’d rather get a hybrid (I’m hoping Honda brings the HRV hybrids to the US when […]

North Carolina Divests From Unilever, Parent Company Of Jew Hating Ben & Jerry’s

If Unilever wants to let one of their companies run wild with Israel and Jew hatred while also supporting a State Department designated terrorist group, there are consequences North Carolina latest to scoop retirement funds from Ben & Jerry’s over ice cream brand’s Israel boycott North Carolina closed out last year by becoming the most […]

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