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Who’s Up For A “Gray Swan” Climate Or Something?

And here we go with yet another crazy climate cult term. Will this be part of duckspeak? Prepare for a ‘Gray Swan’ Climate … Instead, the way to think about climate change now is through two interlinked concepts. The first is nonlinearity, the idea that change will happen by factors of multiplication, rather than addition. […]

If All You See…

…are horrible fossil fueled boats, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on DeSantis ending his campaign.

Canada Considering Measures To Limit Migrants Entering The Nation Demanding Asylum

This is strange. I thought Canada was accepting of every migrant/illegal who wanted to come to Canada. I remember them giving Donald Trump grief over his attempts to limit people coming across the border. I also remember that Justin Trudeau removed the visa requirement for Mexican nationals, which has helped drive this shady asylum migration […]

Cleveland Is A Sustainability Success Story Or Something

When they start yammering about sustainability they mean ‘climate change’, not real environmentalism Mission Possible: Greater Cleveland’s sustainability story gets worldwide attention The COP28 UN Climate Change Conference was held in Dubai last month. it is an international response to our planet’s global warming crisis. A place to set goals, assess progress, and refocus efforts. […]

Israel Tells Hamas To Pound Sand On Their Demands To Release Hostages

Why does Hamas feel entitled to make crazy demands? Because so many global leftists are taking their side, because they are Israel and Jew haters. It’s like how so many Leftists seemingly took the side of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups simply because they hated George W. Bush Netanyahu rejects Hamas conditions for hostage […]

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