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Surprise: Climate (scam) Czar John Kerry Hides All Names Of Employees

It’s not a heck of a lot of money in government terms, but, these are government employees, not secret police John Kerry’s Climate office costs taxpayers $4.3M a year, yet he refuses to divulge names Jet-setting climate czar John Kerry doles out six-figure salaries to all but one lone “policy analyst” in his office who […]

If All You See…

…is a ski resort that will soon have no snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Da Techguy’s Blog, with a post on COVID for the 2024 election.

Voters Are Totally Worried About “Losing Our Democracy” In New Hampshire Or Something

USA Today is super excited about this being a bad thing for Donald Trump, coming from third least diverse state in the U.S., one which is not being over-run by illegal aliens and crime like other Democrat run states Exclusive: It’s not the economy, stupid. In NH, democracy is the top issue for Dems, independents […]

NYC Youts Demand City Speed Up Retrofitting Schools For Global Boiling

I’m just wondering if those students are paying property and income taxes, along with lots of sales tax, which primarily funds the schools? Students say NYC school buildings need a climate change A group of New York City teens are launching a campaign urging Mayor Eric Adams to speed up plans to retrofit school buildings […]

Sanctuary City New Jersey Looks To Restrict Buses Bringing Illegals From Texas

First it was the mayor of Sanctuary City Chicago, then the mayor of Sanctuary City New York, now we have a governor failing to understand what interstate commerce means, who is allowed to regulate it, and the Constitutional right to travel New Jersey Gov Seeks To Restrict Bus Companies Used By Greg Abbott For Migrant […]

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