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Giant California Waves Finally Blamed On ‘Climate Change’

Did you read about those huge waves that have been hitting California since the last few days of 2023? JUST IN: Evacuation warning has been issued in certain areas along the Pacific Coast Highway in California as the state continues to get rocked by massive waves. The massive waves are caused by multiple storms throughout […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful low carbon bicycle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Average Bubba, with a post on Biden’s AmeriKa.

USA Today Wants Arnold Schwarzenegger To Run For President, And Says It’s Allowable

Young voters really do not want a Trump-Biden rematch. They do not want either running. Yeah, I think that’s most of us. But, USA Today screedster Joe Matthews thinks he has the answer, and it’s probably the dumbest thing you’ll read so far this young year Schwarzenegger for president? Arnold should run – and not […]

Federal Court Kills Berkeley’s Ban On New Gas Stoves

This should make Kamala Harris happy, if she decides to build in Berkeley. She loves her gas stoves….just not for you peasants Federal Court Deals Knockout Punch To Blue City’s Biden-Backed Effort To Ban Gas Stoves A federal appellate court ruled Tuesday that it would not reconsider an earlier decision that prevents the city of […]

Illegal Aliens Bummed That Pets Are Treated Better

Perhaps they should be mad at Democrats, who set the conditions that all illegals would be welcome…as long as they don’t come to Democratic Party run cities ‘Pets are treated better than us’: Migrants who spent life savings traveling from Africa to NYC complain they’ve been ‘sold a dream by Hollywood – but the American […]

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