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All Those January Winter Storms? Your Faul

Here we go again: the Cult of Climastrology is continuing to blame winter storms of anthropogenic climate change January Was Awash With Extreme Winter Storms. Climate Change Likely Played a Role In the West, Northeast, Midwest and even the South, states experienced downpours, blizzards and flash floods this month. Research suggests those events will only […]

If All You See…

…is liquor which will soon be gone due to carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is American Greatness, with a post on school choice spreading.

NY Times Knows Who’s To Blame For Biden’s Horrendous Immigration Policies

This article is a little early for an election year, so, the NY Times will surely re-run it around September, as they attempt to protect Biden How the Border Crisis Shattered Biden’s Immigration Hopes On President Joe Biden’s first day in office, he paused nearly all deportations. He vowed to end the harsh practices of […]

Here We Go: Warmists Now Recommending “Microtransit” Over Public Transportation

First they said everyone had to move out of their fossil fueled vehicles into EVs. Then they immediately said EVs were bad, so, Everyone Else should have to take public transportation. And now To fight climate change, micromobility is a better option than overpriced transit projects Thoughtful transit advocates have cautioned about the escalating costs […]

Sanctuary City Chicago To Spend $79 Million On Staffing For Migrant Centers

I wonder what SCC could do with that $79 million to help actual citizens? And why didn’t they use the $79 million in COVID relief funds for Chicago citizens? And why didn’t Congress write a better bill to make sure that money was used for what it was designated for? Mayor Johnson signs $79 million […]

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