Sanctuary City Chicago To Spend $79 Million On Staffing For Migrant Centers

I wonder what SCC could do with that $79 million to help actual citizens? And why didn’t they use the $79 million in COVID relief funds for Chicago citizens? And why didn’t Congress write a better bill to make sure that money was used for what it was designated for?

Mayor Johnson signs $79 million spending increase for Favorite Healthcare Staffing for migrant shelters

unintended consequencesMayor Brandon Johnson’s administration will use $79 million in federal COVID relief money to help pay for costs associated with Favorite Healthcare Staffing – the Kansas-based company the city hired to staff the city’s migrant shelters, NBC 5 Investigates has learned.

The latest spending increase – signed last week – does not extend the contract terms but now brings the total value of Favorite’s contract to more than $149 million.

Favorite Staffing has faced public criticism over shelter conditions and the company’s high-priced invoices, which have cost the city more than $96 million so far, according to the city’s migrant spending portal.

An NBC 5 Investigation last fall found the company routinely billed the city for 84 hours per week for its employees – including overtime. The Johnson administration has said it has since worked to reduce the hourly rates and encouraged the company to hire locally to avoid inflated rates used to cover housing and transportation costs for employees.

That was 2023 allocated COVID money. Why? Why was it necessary for Los Federales to allocate that money? But, since they did, why didn’t SCC attempt to save companies that were still in the dumps from COVID tyranny, and help re-open ones that closed, especially small businesses? Why must it be spent on illegals? But, hey, I don’t want to hear any SCC residents complain, as they voted for this.

Meanwhile in SCB

(WBUR) Boston Mayor Michelle Wu is headed to the nation’s capital today to press President Biden’s administration for more help handling the growing number of migrants arriving in Massachusetts. During her appearance yesterday on Radio Boston, Wu said she’ll be “spending some time” with U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to “echo” Gov. Maura Healey’s recent call for more federal funding and get updates on the “bigger picture.”

Bigger picture? The bigger picture is easy: their president has directed Mayorkas to leave the southern border as open as possible, and, since Boston is a sanctuary city, they get to be the recipients of lots and lots of illegals. SCB should raise taxes and fees to cover the costs. They just need to suck it up and live their beliefs.

Meanwhile, Wu is not happy with the Healey administration’s plan to convert the Melnea A. Cass Recreational Complex, an active recreational complex in Roxbury, to an overflow family shelter. While “there are no good options,” Wu said the proposal would put out local community programs. She added the move is “painfully familiar” for a neighborhood that, over the decades, has faced “disinvestment, redlining [and] disproportionate outcomes.”

Should have thought of that before declaring yourselves a sanctuary city.

What happens now is that NYPD officers will ignore all but the worst crime from illegals. Have fun, SCNY residents!

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    Brandon says he’s done all he can do.

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