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Judge Rules Hawaii DOT Must Face Youts Climate Cult Lawsuit

I just have to wonder, why is Hawaii building new roads in the first place? The state went climahysteric over a decade ago….oh, right, they’re still loving all those tourists coming in via fossil fueled flights, and, since the state produces almost nothing, they have to import most items, which requires fossil fuels and roads […]

If All You See…

…is a sea wall needed for when the seas suddenly rise, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is This ain’t Hell…, with a post on Congress quietly getting what amounts to a raise.

Washington Senate Passes Big Gun Banning Bill

I’m sure all the criminals will not use these banned weapons, right? Senate passes ban on assault weapons. Here’s what would be banned under the law Senate lawmakers voted 27-21 Saturday afternoon for House Bill 1240, which bans the purchase and sale of assault weapons in the state of Washington. The bill was sponsored by Rep. […]

Good News: Brandon’s CAFE Standards To Drastically Increase

This is going to make vehicles a great deal more expensive, making it harder for the working class and middle class afford vehicles, even used ones. Of course this is being pushed by rich folks who do not have to worry about all this. Oh, and many of them, like Joe Biden, are not even […]

DOD Assistant Secretary For Readiness More Concerned About Appeasing Gender Confused

It’s no wonder Biden and so many others seem intent on getting the US into a nuclear war: our actual military readiness is in the toilet DoD’s highest-ranking trans official: ‘Ostracizing anybody’ will hurt military readiness Shawn Skelly was a Navy commander working to help fend off roadside bomb attacks when she came to a […]

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