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Climate Cult Attempts To Scare The Deep South, Saying It Will Be The Worst There

They are attempting to scare voters who tend to vote Democrat in the first place, and have been indoctrinated into letting government run their lives This Part of the U.S. Will Suffer Most from Climate Change Industrialized communities in the Deep South are the most vulnerable in the U.S. to climate change, according to a […]

If All You See…

…are angry waters from carbon pollution driven Bad Weather, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on being disqualified for adopting for moral decency.

Politico: “That’s not how our system is supposed to work.”

I still maintain that Bragg did this not to put Trump in jail, but, to jam Trump up, making him waste time and money rather than campaigning, and hoping that voters will vote against Trump. Why else trot an extremely unique set of charges that make little sense and are missing quite a lot of […]

CBS News Is Very Concerned With The Food You Eat

It’s just nag nag nag from the Cult of Climastrology. Why can’t they just mind their own damned business? Why are they always attempting to force their beliefs on everyone else? It’s almost like this who thing is about authoritarianism The food we eat and its impact on climate change How we grow food, consume […]

Study Says Humans May Have Spread Wuhan Flu To Animals In Wet Market

I’m going to take this study with a big grain of salt, as it comes from Chinese researchers, but, it makes a whole lot more sense than it coming from first bats, then pangolins, then raccoon dogs Humans may have spread Covid to Wuhan market as raccoon dogs ‘not to blame’, say scientists Humans may […]

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