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Your Fault: Climate Crisis (scam) My Drive More Hurricanes Towards East Coast

Horary, yet another crazy prognostication from the cult. How many have we seen? More hurricanes, fewer hurricanes, fewer but more powerful, climate change causing trade winds to kill them in the Atlantic, category 6 hurricanes, more rainfall, less rainfall, more flooding, faster moving, slower moving. Remember when they said the big 2005 season would be […]

If All You See…

…is an Evil 1% pool on top of a building, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Feral Irishman, with a post on another gender confused going postal. Doubleshot below the fold, check out The First Street Journal, with a post on Biden and his gender confused derangement

Ukraine To Export Energy In Middle Of “War”

Whatever happened to the war in Ukraine? It’s no longer top news at the big outlets. You might get one way down the webpage article. It’s war, right? A big war? One about The Future Of Democracy, right? Ukraine to export electricity again after months of Russian attacks Ukraine is able to export electricity for […]

Cult Members Glue Themselves To Road In Switzerland

Wait, you thought this kind of bat guano insane cultish behavior was going to end? Climate change activists glue themselves to road to Alpine tunnel Climate change activists brought holiday traffic to a halt in Switzerland on Friday when they blocked the main route beneath the Alps to demand urgent action against global warming. Protesters […]

Nike Decides To Alienate Even More Customers By Doubling Down

Was it particularly wise of Nike to feature an unhinged lunatic playing at being a “girl”, really, making a mockery of women, to advertise women’s clothing? Did they consider that it would drive away at least half the customer base, who can purchase Under Armor, New Balance, Brooks, and a myriad number of brands instead […]

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