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World Meteoroligical Org Gives Planet A Failing Grade Due To Climate Apocalypse

So says CNN World Meteorological Organization gives planet a failing grade in annual climate change analysis The link is just to a video from CNN, which fails to mention if CNN has stopped using fossil fuels to run their business. Let’s go to CNN Philippines Droughts, floods and record low ice levels – from the […]

If All You See…

…is an area flooding from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is This ain’t Hell…, with a post on Britain talking about kitchen knife confiscation. Doubleshot below the fold, check out Victory Girls Blog, with a post on the FBI stalling on the release of the Audrey Hale […]

Biden To Americans Stuck In Sudan: You’re On Their Own

After the U.S. intelligence and State Dept failed on Sudan, the Biden regime has a message for Americans in Sudan: you’re on your own White House warns American citizens not to count on evacuation from Sudan As the violent struggle for power over Sudan reaches the one-week mark, the Biden administration is sticking firmly to […]

How To Talk To Your Kids About Hotcoldwetdry On Earth Day

Nothing like teaching your kids a few things about Earth Day, like that it falls on Lenin’s birthday. On purpose. Oh, wait, this is about un-educated, brainwashed kids with no real world experience teaching you old fogies Earth Day: How to talk to your parents about climate change You want to go vegan to help […]

This Is Weird: Democrat Mayor Says Illegal Immigration Has Destroyed NYC

This cannot possibly be correct, can it? Democrats have assured us that illegal immigration is just and benign, that it is egalitarian and equitable, and the Right Thing To Do Migrant crisis has ‘destroyed’ NYC, Mayor Adams claims ahead of meeting with top Biden aides Mayor Eric Adams charged Friday that New York City is […]

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